How Deferred Action For Dreamers Encourages The Youth

Compared to the previous decades, one can say that the year 2012 has brought forth a lot of changes. More than just the privilege that people have with the technological advancements, there is also the shift in lifestyle to accommodate the thinking of the new age. The move of the US to implement the Deferred Action for dreamers serve as a reminder that the government is looking for ways to improve the growth of the next generations to come.

As opposed to what other prophesize as the year of the apocalypse, other see only positive things for this year as a moment of renewal. The purpose of the program therefore is to encourage dreamers to thirst more in life. This is the context in which it is seen.

It is true that some values have altered in meaning, and things are not what they used to be. Some of the youth of today have been skeptical about education and the importance of getting a degree. Considering that some people are with jobs even without the diploma, they then question the relevance of enrolling themselves in school.

The argument probably stems from a certain dissatisfaction towards life in general. However, this kind of mentality will stunt their growth and lead them on to more negativity and self pity. In fact, it might even cause some psychological riot in them that could result into undesirable things.

The feeling of dissatisfaction towards life have often led to early deaths. Milder situations involve students being dropouts or befriending the wrong set of people. Although even if it starts there, the results could be damaging to the person when it leads to doing bad deeds.

The people in the society can be discriminating with people who has gone through even the most minor offenses, so there is always a social stigma that is hard to shake off. This could lead to more traumatic experiences that will affect the thinking of a rational individual. That being said, the greater purpose of the initiative is to serve as a guidance for people who feel that they do not deserve another shot at life.

Cases like this can be quite an emotional ride, all because of the sensitivity of the issues. Despite this, there has to be a level of professionalism maintained, such as that of taking precautionary measures. Although equal opportunity is given, there are still limitations that should be followed with the unacceptable clauses.

Having an ambitious program like this can be a breather amidst the fast paced lifestyle that people have nowadays. The youth needs support more than ever, and money should not be the reason why their growth is stunted. While they are young, they should be encouraged to dream on.

The Deferred Action for Dreamers is a way of reconciling differences and past hurts for the youth to face life with more courage. This can only be done if they are enlightened through education and programs that strengthen their learned or innate skills. The concept is to seize the day, as if every day was the last.

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