How To Apply For Canadian Residency

Being a resident, you have many chances to travel outside Canada after you arrive. But, first, you should comply necessary residency obligations in maintaining your status as a permanent resident. In order to meet your residency obligations, you must be physically present in Canada for at least two years in a period of five years.

If you away in the country and prefer to extend your leave, then you may obtain your residency, if you are traveling with your Canadian spouse, if you are employed by a Canadian business or you are traveling with people who are permanent residents. If you are present in the country, then the immigration officer will also tell you if you have completed your obligations. These are only a few things to consider and how to apply for Canadian residency.

If you are applying for a citizenship, you should meet all the required criteria and applications. You should be at least 18 years of age, knows how to speak English or even French, have been residing in Canada for at least 3 years and has a permanent record of being a resident before you can apply for citizenship.

However, not all individuals will be granted with this opportunity, especially if the applicant has been in prison or charged or convicted with any crime. If you are in a deportation order, you cannot also apply. An adoptive parent, or legal guardians or parents will be applying for anyone under 18 years . The applicant should be a Canadian citizen. For minors, he or she will no longer comply the three year residency requirement.

If you are still in doubt, you may utilize the residence calculator, so you can be able to know how long you have been in the country and the best time to do so. If you also came in Canada using a student and work visa, you have to work for many days before granting with permanent status.

You have to keep in mind that students or foreign workers are not actually permanent residents. If you travel outside the nation, then you may use your pRC as your proof of being a permanent resident. You also need the card if you want to reenter the place via commercial vehicles, such as train, bus and airplane.

Being a resident, you have many rights or opportunities to live, work and study anywhere. You will also get any social benefits that most citizens can get, such as health care coverage. You are protected under the law and may apply for citizenship. You are also required to pay necessary taxes and respect all their laws.

But, you also have limitations. You are not allowed to run for any political position and cannot vote during elections. You are not also allowed to handle any jobs with a certain level of security. Moreover, your status will be taken, only if you are no longer residing in the nation.

You will be returned ordeported if you commit certain crimes. To avoid these instances, it is necessary to follow rules and regulations to avoid serious punishments. When your card has expires, your status will not be taken ways. Basically, if you already obtained Canadian citizenship, you are no longer considered a permanent resident.

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