How To Qualify For Deferred Action

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is a memorandum that was passed recently. It was issued by the President. The implementation was assigned to the Secretary of Homeland Security. In this memo, the agencies concerned in the determination and deportation proceedings of illegal immigrants are directed to practice a certain level of discretion in the prosecution proceedings of persons who have come to the US as children. However, this grant does not include a discussion on the immigration status or citizenship of an individual.

Based on the law provisions, persons who qualify after evaluation can be issued with authority to work permits. It also prevents them from being prosecuted and undergo legal procedures that can result to them being deported. There is also a provision that directs that the agency that enforces immigration and customs enforcement laws act on pending applications.

After the passing of this law comes the process to determine the eligibility of a person. This is done for every person who applied. A reprieve from deportation is granted to the identified beneficiaries of this law.

Only the applicants who are in need of relief due to their economic situation can be give authority to work and seek employment. However, there is no guarantee the duration the authority lasts and if it can be renewed. Only an increment of two years are allowed for qualified applicants.

Individuals can apply for this benefit if they are currently subjected to removal procedures. Persons issued with a final removal order or willful departure can also apply. Persons undergoing proceedings by the immigration office need not reach the age of 15 to qualify for application.

At the time of the passing of the law, there is an estimated beneficiary number of 1.76 million. Of these, there is about a quarter aged under 15 years old. Thus, there are special requirements given for this special cases. Dropouts from high school who wish to benefit from the law is required to enroll before submitting their application.

The specific requirements for qualification of this new law includes the age requirement, which should be under 31 years on June 15, 2012, the day the law was passed. The applicant must also arrive in the country before they are 16 years of age. Another requirement is a continuing residency in the country for the last five years.

There should also be proof that they are physically inside the country on June 15, 2012 and on the day they passed their application. There should also be no scheduled inspection before the day of the passing of the policy. Another requirement which should be complied with is the absence of any recorded expiration of their immigrant status.

Another important requirement to qualify is their educational attainment. They should have obtained their general education development or a high school certificate of completion. High school level applicants should also be enrolled at the time of their application. Another important requirement is the service of the applicant as a coast guard or the US Armed Forces. Finally, the applicant for deferred action should also not have any felony record or has not committed a significant misdemeanor during their residence in the US.

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