How to Remove a Spring Break Arrest Record

Being a good traveler also includes understanding what to do when your travels unfortunately bring you in contact with the police. Most travelers will never experience the criminal justice system from the inside, but mistakes sometimes happen, especially in party cities. Prevention is the best medicine, but even after the fact you can make your situation better. This article gives advice for travelers who party a little too hard.

Preparations for unexpected legal events are especially important if your travel itinerary includes active nightlife destinations like the American city of Las Vegas in the state of Nevada. The famous Las Vegas Strip is home to casinos, resorts, clubs, wild parties, and even wilder reality shows. With so many entertainment options day and night, some visitors may overindulge in the fun and find themselves looking out from the wrong side of the Las Vegas criminal justice system.

Tourists now get a crash course in the criminal justice system. They have to figure out how to get bailed out of jail and what to do when they appear before a judge. Most travelers make the smart choice and hire a criminal defense attorney. While they fly back home, their attorney is able to negotiate the case and resolve it with a fine and probation. It seems like the mistake might be finished.

Travelers who get arrested on vacation soon learn that there is lasting price to their mistakes. Once a person has a criminal record, they must disclose it. The most common place where is becomes an issues is on job applications. Those looking for work must reveal all the details about when they were arrested, what crimes they were convicted of, and the ultimate resolutions. Details that often hamper an employer’s enthusiasm for hiring the individual.

Maybe years have passed since the event. Is it fair that you have to keep dealing with a mistake that happened back in college when you were young? Does your criminal record have to keep following you year after year? Is there anything you can do to put this mistake behind you once and for all?

It seems only fair that since Las Vegas in part caused the problem, Las Vegas should provide some solution. Living with a criminal record can be a huge burden. It limits job options. With reduced choices for work, a person also faces less choices in where to live and how to support themselves. That can be a tough pill to swallow for something you did on vacation in another state. Faced with the never ending penalty of a criminal record, many people decide to seal their Nevada criminal records.

Where can you get more information about sealing your record in Las Vegas? It is a process authorized under the laws of the State of Nevada. Your criminal record is held by law enforcement and government agencies at the city, county, and state levels. You can also speak with a local Las Vegas lawyer about how the court procedures for record sealing work.

Could sealing your arrest record be the solution to finally allow you to put what happen on your vacation in the past? Yes. Record sealing is a legal process that wipes your past history clean. When potential employers perform a background check, they will find an empty record with no trace of your vacation arrest.

If you enjoy an excellent party while traveling, it is good to know that the morning after there is something you can do to minimize the damage. If you found yourself on the wrong side of law at your last destination, talk to lawyer in that city to find out all your legal options.

With over 25 years experience in criminal defense, Armstrong Kriegberg is your resource for record sealing in Nevada. Find more information about sealing a record at his website.

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