I Just Got Fired What Do I Do Now

No one looks forward to being called into an employer’s office or the human resource’s office for a little talk. Most employees consider this a very bad sign. It may come as a huge shock that your job may be in jeopardy and an even bigger surprise that you are being terminated. Even while the meeting is still going on, you are already thinking, oh no, I just got fired what do I do now. First of all, listen carefully to what the person behind the desk is really telling you.

A lot of times people use the word fired, when that didn’t really happened at all. If you’ve just been told you are terminated, be sure you clearly understand exactly what that means. Sometimes departments are restructured or smaller companies are bought out by larger ones who don’t want to keep all the employees. If your job has been eliminated or there is no longer work for you to do for example, you have not been fired.

If at all possible, you should keep a clear head and ask a lot of questions of the person handling your situation. You can request a transfer to another division if that is appropriate. You can ask to be given a month or two before you actually have to leave the company. If you are told you must leave immediately, be sure to get a letter of separation.

Even though your first emotions may be anger and fear, you need to think calmly. If the information is not volunteered, ask about your health insurance and how long it will remain in effect before you have to start paying it yourself. You will also need to know how much time you’ve got to transfer any money in your pension account.

You should immediately access your financial situation. Hopefully you have set aside a six month cushion to give you time to look for employment. If you have a working spouse, at least you can rely on some income during your search. Update your resume right away. If you need help, there are plenty of online sites that have free suggestions and templates for you to use.

The internet is a great source of information for those seeking employment. You can sign up at several job sites. There are groups you can join that will give you good suggestions and positive reinforcement. You might want to brush up your skills with a course or two.

It is very important to stay positive and stay connected. Let people know you are looking for employment and what you are interested in doing going forward. Be sure you don’t isolate yourself from family and friends. You can meet online with people who have been in your circumstances. They might have some great suggestions for you.

Whether you love your job or not, getting fired is not a good feeling, no matter what the circumstances. You will just have to keep reminding yourself that something better is right around the corner.

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