Leading Philadelphia, PA Personal Injury Attorney Offers Legal Advice For Slip And Fall Victims

Compared to other kinds of personal injuries such as those sustained from auto accidents, defective products and medical carelessness, slip and fall ones are especially tricky. There are a myriad of reasons a defendant can give for a fall such as high or slippery shoes, that the complainant lose their balance and so many others. This is why engaging a Philadelphia PA personal injury attorney makes all the difference.

The law makes no room for unfounded or frivolous claims. Otherwise the courts would be packed full with people making false claims with the goal of getting money. A court must see solid proof and it takes an adept lawyer to gather and present it. He will prove in a court of law that the slip and fall happened because of the carelessness of another party.

Things get more complicated if the other party is an insurance company. An insurer will want to be done with a case as soon as possible and they will want to settle with a minimum amount. Some will refuse to settle and if they do, they will aim to ensure that what they give is not more than what one has paid in premiums so far even if it is grossly inadequate.

The lawyer will look into every aspect of the case. They will establish that the injury was sustained on business premises and how the owners or managers handled it. If it was in a home, they will endeavor to get compensation from the home owner and their insurance company if the action they took was unsatisfactory. It may also be that the injury was sustained in a health care facility. Negligence can be proved and compensation awarded.

The attorney should be contacted as soon as possible after a fall happens. If not, the defendant gets the opportunity to escape liability. They may for example, get the complainant to do or use something and use it against them. The sooner the lawyer is involved the better. If one needs medical care, he should be called as soon as possible afterwards.

Apart from proving that the slip and fall was a direct consequence of the neglect of the other party, the Philadelphia PA personal injury attorney will also make a case for the amount the victim should get in compensation. They will ensure that it is a fair amount in line with the injury suffered.

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