Information About Trademark And Their Use

by Rex Stevenson

Nowadays, people who have their own business may obtain more benefits than working for someone else. So, many think it is a good idea to start a business as soon as they raise enough money while working for someone else. Nobody likes working for somebody for a long time because you don’t have enough freedom and you can’t put many of your ideas into practice.

Businesses are not only about money and raising enough capital. When you want to have your own company, you should also think about representing it somehow. The trademark is the image of your company. Trademarks are the main things that make your company different from others. If you need to buy a certain object you will notice that there are numerous brands on the market. Each brand has its own unique trademark. People recognize a well respected brand when they see its trademark. That’s why trademarks are very important.

You can easily distinguish which company designed and made the shoes by simply looking at the logo. Through logos and trademark symbols, you will see that you can easily distinguish one brand from another. The trademark symbol will tell you about the reputation of the company and will also tell you what you are going to purchase. These are the main reasons why you need to have a trademark. However, officially a trademark is used to prevent confusion in consumers when purchasing one brand from another. By having a trademark for your products, the consumer will not be confused on which product to purchase.

Every trademark is unique and that is a universal rule everyone should know. Also, if you want to register your trademark you have to make sure that nobody else uses it otherwise it will not pass the registration process at the PTO. If your trademark is similar or has certain connections with other trademarks you may risk it being denied by the PTO. Because trademark registration needs a lot of time, you have to make sure that the trademark you want to register is unique and is what you will use for all your products.

In order to make sure that your trademark has never been used before, you should do a little research on other trademarks. You can hire a lawyer for that if you don’t have the time. Also if you have no idea about the process and the registration requirements it is recommended to hire a lawyer which handles such things. You will receive great help from a lawyer especially because the process is long and difficult for someone who has never experienced it. If you need help with the documents, the lawyer will also help you with them so having a lawyer is extremely important at this point.

When filing a trademark registration, you should have all the minimum requirements prepared and present it to the PTO. The next step will be having it examined by the PTO’s patent and trademark lawyer where they will determine whether the trademark symbol you are trying to register is already being used or bears resemblance to other registered trademarks. They will be the ones who will determine whether your trademark symbol will be approved or rejected.

A trademark lawyer will make sure that you are represented if any problems appear. Your trademark might be denied and in that case you need a lawyer in order to make an appeal. Also if your trademark gets registered you will need someone to protect you if another company uses it illegally.

Knowing the things above can be one of the most important things during the registration process. Registering your trademark is very useful for each company which desires to protect its reputation and keep its clients happy.

You have to make sure that your products and your reputation are protected and register your brand and trademark with the United States and Registration Office.

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