Motorcycle Accidents In Fort Lauderdale: Frequently Asked Questions About Lawsuits

With rising costs of fuel, motorists are looking for ways to get around while saving money. Motorcycle riding is a good way to do this, is especially in coastal states where byways and beautiful weather provide optimal year-round riding conditions. Motorcyclists are especially drawn to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where the roads are relatively flat and the views are spectacular.

Motorcycle accidents happen more often since there is an increase of motorist riding motorcycles. A reason motorcycle accidents occur is due to their small size and lower visibility. The small size leaves the passenger at greater risk for injuries in the event of a crash, since it doesn’t offer much protection. There has an increase in the amount of deaths and injuries among motorcycle riders in recent years. Help from Fort Lauderdale motorcycle accident lawyers will be necessary if you have been injured in a motorcycle accident.

How Accidents Occur

Accidents involving motorcycles follow specific patterns and laws of physics, because they typically involve a small vehicle colliding with a larger vehicle. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, almost half of all fatal motorcycle crashes are the result of a bike colliding with another vehicle. According to the Florida Traffic Crash Statistics, over 6,500 persons were injured in motorcycle accidents in Florida alone in 2010.

In order to assess liability one must consider common factors such as, road conditions, car acceleration, visibility of the road, and driver misshapes. These factors can be assessed by a Fort Lauderdale motorcycle accident lawyer, to determine who was at fault for the accident and who will recover from the party that was at fault. You should talk to a lawyer soon, if you have received wounds from a motorcycle accident.

Common questions that deal with accident claims in Fort Lauderdale:

Will I Have to Pay Attorney Fees? No. You do not pay any fees upfront. A lawyer will pay for the fees of filing the claim, investigating the claim, hiring and training an expert, if necessary. Only if you recover compensation will the attorney be paid.

Do I Need to Be in Court? Most injury cases do not go to court, because they can often get settled well before then. You will often give a deposition, which is a statement that is being recorded. The deposition will be used with other evidence that the attorney feels are appropriate to figure out who is liable. If a court case is needed, you will be taken care of and represented by a Fort Lauderdale accident lawyer.

Who Will Pay My Medical Bills? Your insurance company will likely file a claim — called a lien — against any lawsuit that you may initiate as a result of your injuries. The medical bills, including ongoing therapy and treatments, will be factored into any settlement or any legal demand. Ultimately, the liable party will be responsible for payment of medical bills arising from the accident.

Who Will Pay Court Costs? Your attorney will pay the court costs associated with recovering on your claim. A Fort Lauderdale motorcycle accident attorney will pay suit filing costs, service costs, deposition costs, and all costs associated with suit. If you do not recover, the attorney covers the costs. If you do recover, the costs of suit, along with the attorney’s fee, will be paid to the attorney from your recovery amount.

When to Get a Lawyer? A Fort Lauderdale motorcycle accident attorney should be contacted as soon as possible if you or anyone else you know has been wounded in an accident involving a motorcycle. It is best to not talk to your insurance company without a lawyer representing you, since it can be difficult to answer questions pertaining to what happened during the accident.

Get help from an experienced Fort Lauderdale motorcycle accident attorney. Contact the Fort Lauderdale auto accident attorneys at Lisa S. Levine, P.A. today.

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