New York Arrest Records Available Online

The public documents of New York can be obtained by the local people residing in the state. The government has mandated to do so to allow visibility among the people. One of the documents that can be accessed is the New York arrest records which are coming from any local enforcing agencies of the state. Such office includes, but not limited to, the police department, highway patrol and the sheriff’s office.

One can see information about the crimes that the individual has been arrested for. It is also indicated on the file as to when and where the crimes have been reported. One would also know the place and date when the person was arrested. The law enforcing agency who initiated the arrest is also known on the file. Other crimes that the individual has committed before can also be found on the record.

Background check is one of the reasons for accessing the arrest records of an individual. Many are now watchful of their safety because of all the crimes all over the country. People would check out the records of those they interact with daily. Employers would refer to the arrest records of their employees and applicant to check if they have been involved with any crimes. This helps them decide whether or not the individual is worth hiring.

The state of New York only allows one to view their personal arrest files. It is stated in the state laws that individuals are not allowed to view somebody else’s file. Authorized individuals can still access the files of others provided that they have a court order. These authorized individuals can be employers, local authorities and investigators. Retrieval of one’s record would only cost $50. One has to provide all the necessary information needed on the application form. Also, one has to cooperate when the office requires a fingerprint scan.

The office of the Review Record Packet department under the Division of Criminal Justice Services is where the arrest records of individuals arrested in New York is being managed. It is also possible to obtain a copy of the arrest file from the agency who handled the arrest case.

If going to any office is not possible, the arrest records can be obtained through the Internet. New York is among the state that has used technology to make the retrieval of public documents easier. Using the Internet to obtain an arrest record is the fastest method there is. The request can be done at home which makes it even more convenient.

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