Public Arrest Records Available Online

With the implementation of the Freedom of Information Act, the criminal record of an individual is made open to the general public. These records are the ones issued by law enforcing agencies.

Once a crime has been reported, a criminal record is then created. This type of document contains details about the crimes committed by a certain individual. The personal details of the convicted individual are also indicated on the file. One can find the real name and aliases used by the individual as well as the date of birth. Body markings such as scar and tattoos are carefully described along with other physical characteristics of the individual. The crimes that the individual has committed previously are indicated and updated on the record. One can also find the charges and the sentence given to the individual.

Conducting a background check is one of the top reasons for accessing criminal records. This is usually done by most employers to make sure that the people who work for them are qualified for their positions. Doing this prevents problems in the future that may hinder the growth of the company. Although, it is beneficial to the employers, it somehow makes job application difficult for those who had been convicted before.

Other would also check out their personal criminal files. They do this to make sure that the information on their file is correct and true. Many have been cautious of this because of the reports where there are crimes that they themselves are unaware of. Some would even have arrest warrants for the crimes they did not commit. One may need to go through a lot to clear things up. To avoid this, it is best to constantly check one’s personal criminal files.

Since criminal records are submitted by government agencies, the criminal records can then be obtained from the office that issued the report. These offices can be the police department, highway patrol or the sheriff’s office. Unfortunately, they can only provide recently issued reports. Older incidents can be requested at the office of the Department of Justice where all crime related files are being managed. One may need to wait for some time in order to get a copy of the requested file.

Online criminal records are now made possible. This is the option chosen by many because it is faster and convenient. One can also ensure that the records are authentic because websites are liked to public and private databases in order to provide the best results. One can choose from a free search or a paid search. Many would still go for the paid search because it returns a more an accurate and reliable result.

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