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Criminal records in the state of California are maintained by the state’s Department of Justice. Arrest reports and California police records submitted by the state’s courts and law enforcement agencies are housed in the California Department of Justice’s database. And since the Department of Justice is composed of the state’s entire court system and is directly associated with the state’s Attorney General’s office, you can be pretty certain that the criminal history profiles in this office are quite comprehensive and well-documented.

With a staggering number of inhabitants, it’s safe to assume that the state of California has a significant amount of criminal history profiles in its database as well. Criminal record requests in this state are processed through a fingerprint-based search, making the whole method more efficient and quicker. Applicants wishing to view their own arrest history are required to fill up a Live Scan Form, specifying ‘Record Review’ as the purpose for their request. A visit to the local law enforcement office will then be the next step so he can have his fingerprints taken and placed on the form accordingly. A $25 fee must then be made payable to the California Department of Justice. Fingerprinting fees vary between law enforcement offices.

State law mandates that the California Department of Justice takes care of the housing, maintenance, and dissemination of all criminal reports for the state. This includes all detentions, dispositions, arrests, as well as conviction reports submitted by the state’s law enforcement agencies and courts. In the state of California, criminal history profiles remain in the system until the individual, whose name appears on the record, turns 100 years old. The general public can access their personal criminal accounts. Third party criminal reports, on the other hand, are restricted to authorized employers, employment agencies and law enforcement officials.

Acquiring copies of arrest reports and other criminal information is not that arduous. As long as the proper procedures are observed, even first timers won’t have any trouble accessing the information they want. The California Department of Justice offers a variety of services to the public in an effort to make the process more convenient and less time consuming. The office also accepts criminal background check requests from approved individuals and entities. Background checks are performed by way of an automated system, which will yield comprehensive and up-to-date results. In addition, the department also offers fingerprint services and clearance letters.

Among the most common group of individuals who frequently perform criminal background checks are small business owners and employers. Each of us may have varying reasons for wanting access to criminal information, but we all share pretty much the same preference when it comes to such matters, we all want an accurate and dependable source. And the California Department of Justice is that kind of source. Just make sure though that you submit the appropriate application form when requesting a criminal background check to avoid any complications or confusions.

Another plausible source of criminal data that you might want to take into account is a commercial criminal record provider. Many of today’s criminal information resources are comprised of independent record search websites. For a single payment process, you can perform unlimited searches on police reports and other criminal history profiles. Many reputable online record providers will serve as a universal hub for all arrest records from every state in the country. This essentially means that you will not have to access multiple sources to gather the same information. It’s a more cost-efficient and practical option for any individual looking to acquire criminal data without the inconvenience of procedures and requirements.

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