Successful Sales and Marketing for Family Businesses

by Dr Marc R. Dussault

If you have a family owned and operated business, you probably already know that the bigger companies have plenty of advantages over you. However, what about the advantages you possess over them? There are lots of ways that you as a small, family owned business can get the edge over your competition every day. One way you can do this is through your sales and marketing. You have a great deal to offer versus your competitors when it comes to sales and marketing. How so?

For example, with sales and marketing, it might surprise you to know that you can take advantage of perks other companies can’t. For one thing, your setup alone gives you some advantages over bigger companies in this area. In fact, a larger company wouldn’t even want to attempt some of these steps, because they would be ineffectual at best. Here are some techniques to get you started and to give you a good place to begin.

Tell Everyone Where You Are From.

If you come from a family operated business, you’ll find that you have a story. Just because you might be tired of hearing about it doesn’t mean that other people are. Write down in a few pages about how your family got started in this field and some of the problems that you have conquered along the way. You’ll find that people love hearing stories, especially if you can provide them on CD or DVD, so get creative.

What Is It That Makes You Special?

In this day and age, many people feel insecure about their work and don’t know if their company has any loyalty to them. So let people know about how you operate. Do you always promote from within? Maybe you have always looked out for your employees. Show everyone how different you are from the colder corporate world, and you can bet that you’ll see some customer and employee loyalty.

Show off Your True Nature

Even though you might think being a small family owned business is a disadvantage, let everyone know that you’re a family business. Use this fact in some way in your corporate slogan, advertising, logo, and so on. Tell people how long you’ve been in business, too. This is an important way to let the community get to know you. This also creates an identity of your business that they can be comfortable and familiar with and relate to.

Give and Take Credit Where it is Due

Share information about everyone who’s made your company so successful. This gives you great publicity, and it also helps your public get to know more about you and those who have made your company thrive. Of course, you can put the spotlight on upper management, but make sure that you also give credit to those in lower level employment. After all, those are really the folks who make the company run day-to-day. It also shows your customers that you play fair, give credit where it’s due, and keep things above board. This, in turn, is going to help your business.

For many people, a family oriented business is something to be proud of. So if this is who you are, what are you waiting for? Get the word out: take advantage of the advertising that is possible for you and no one else.

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