The Advantages Of The Madrid System For The International Registration Of Marks

The Madrid system is usually referred into two agreements, the Madrid protocol and Madrid treaty. The main purpose of this is to simplify the procedure and lessen the cost for the registration of the trademark in numerous countries. This is obtained through filing an application for a certain registration, in one set of currency and language which will be designated to a certain country which protection is needed.

Actually, not all countries are part of the Madrid settlement and because of this, it is quite impossible for them to use the approach in protecting the trademark in these countries, even though the protection can still be used by filing through a national application for every country. It is much better to know how the Madrid system for the international registration of marks work.

In using the approach, a single applicant must obtained a genuine and effective commercial or industrial establishment or treat a specified country as a permanent home and member of the the agreement. The nation which fulfill at least more than one of these conditions is usually considered as the country origin. The applicant is also required to file and register in the country, on which the International application is based.

If some shortages in the application may occur, the applicant will then be informed of these and provided with opportunities in correcting them. If the certain application complies all the requirements, then details and information on the mark are also recorded on the international register. Once the information and details are transmitted to the trade mark office of every designated nation, the office will then check the applications with the accordance of the law.

This is usually called as national examination. The national examination usually refers to the method which the national office of every designated countries checks the trademark according to their law. Every nation can also refuse to the grant protection for the trade mark without affecting the grant protection of other countries. If there are refusal issues in respect of a specific nation, then the local lawyer must be appointed in responding to the refusal.

Usually, the international registration provides the same effect. But, for the sake of protecting your trade mark, under the international registration which will be taking effect on a certain designated country. If the office has nothing to object with, then you will also be granted with protection.

If you are interested to this system, then better consider this type of system. It means, you also achieve a goal.But, in some cases, this could not be suitable for every situation and condition. This is because, every specialist will be prepared as well for the appropriate techniques used in protecting the trade marks.

The cost of the filing is identified with reference to the countries designated in the application. So, the basic fee charges are added for specified countries. There are also some countries which charge different fees. However, it also depends on a certain type of symbol applied, for example, a logo or word symbol.

The Madrid system in Crystal Lake, Il offers convenience to the trade mark owners. The main advantage is that you can file a single application pay one set of fees and designating numerous countries. The changes if the ownership and even renewals, as well as the address and the names of the applicants can also be dealt accordingly.

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