The Job Of Lawyers In Patent Firms

Patent is a protection provided by the government to an inventor to prevent an invention from malicious copying. In Corvallis, OR and other American states, patents normally last for a period of twenty years. Patent firms employ patent attorneys previously called agents to secure the patents and other intellectual rights. Besides understanding about patents and the laws that apply to them, one must also have an understanding of intellectual property law.

This field has lawyers who work for companies or personal enterprises. The nature of employment determines the nature of cases the practitioner handles. Typically, the job involves meeting clients and discussing details of an invention. The agent then advises the client on the possibility of patents being granted or being denied. This involves traveling for short or long distances from the work place.

The details discussed during meetings with clients include the depth of the invention and related patents filed in the same area. Research done about related patents helps to determine the originality of a piece of work. If the invention is determined to be original, a patent draft is produced by the attorney. The draft uses legal terms to describe the invention in brief.

An application for patent is filed after drafts have been certified to contain all the terms and details of the invented work. Examiners go through the application and ask the attorney filing the application questions pertaining the invention. That is why one must prepare well for the questions before applying. Applications that go through are followed by issuance of patents which the agent must make sure that are renewed yearly on time. If patents are infringed, the agent must take it upon themselves to advice and represent clients in court.

The working hours are typically similar to those of attorneys in other fields. Work goes on for five days for the same hours except if deadlines need to be kept. Practitioners sometimes have to let their holidays go to attend to emergencies. Although most work is done in offices, part of the job involves traveling to local and international destinations.

Entry into this field requires one to have tertiary qualification in any engineering or scientific discipline. After acquiring the qualifications, candidates are required to take and pass an accredited course of study which satisfies the requirements for registration. Most of the skills needed for the job are acquired while one continues with the practice. Most people begin as technical assistants in a firm or in a department in a company. Taking a postgraduate course in intellectual property law makes one more attractive to employers.

To work successfully in this field, one needs to possess certain professional and personal skills, interests, and qualities. First, one must have a technical or scientific background and a good understanding of intellectual property law. Excellent spoken and written communication is necessary to allow one to express themselves well to clients and authorities. Accuracy and ability to work for long hours under pressure assist in meeting deadlines.

Being fluent in several foreign languages is advantageous. This is because international cases may involve foreign agencies and authorities. Practitioners are advised to be members of an association in the field.

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