Understand What Fair Labor Rights Are With Los Angeles Employment Attorney

When the average worker has a grievance against the employer, it may be too difficult to know if and how they should proceed. Both parties have rights that must be respected. There are Employment Law Attorneys in Los Angeles County to assist those employees.

In most cases, the employer, one who has a medium to large number of employees, will have a lawyer on staff or possibly a legal department. It is easy for that employer to exercise his or her rights. Without legal representation, however, the employee may do something wrong, or give up and do nothing at all.

When you are working a certain number of hours each day, you have a right to a thirty-minute lunch break and one or two fifteen-minute breaks. If you must buy uniforms or protective boots you should be reimbursed for that expense. You should collect mileage pay if driving your own car as part of the job.

Few people are cognizant of the fact that it is against California law to pay wages with an out of state check. If you are on commission, your hourly wage must still average out to be above minimum wage. If fired unjustly, you have rights to regain your position, or be compensated for damages.

You may be able to be put back on the job or be paid damages if you were fired illegally. This depends on the terms under which you were originally hired. If the business has a four-day work week schedule, specific rules apply.

A business owner is prohibited from doing certain things. When the rules are broken, if no one complains a bad situation will continue. For example, if working on commission, minimum wage standards still apply.

Of course, an employer may unknowingly violate a law or regulation. However, there are bad guys who do it deliberately. If no one objects, no one will ever put a stop to it.

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