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The Freedom of Information Act has mandated the local government of each state to allow their local residents to access public document. Michigan is one of the states that implement such law. Michigan public records can be accessed by the people of the state whenever they need it.

There are several types of public records that can be obtained in the state of Michigan. It is categorized into two: family related documents and crime related files. Family related documents are files that are used when dealing with transactions with the government. Examples of these files are birth records, death, and marriage and divorce documents. Most of these documents are generated in the form of a certificate which is considered as legal documents that can be readily used.

Crime related files, on the other hand, are documents that involve criminal activities. These are the arrest records, police reports, and criminal records. These are primarily used in conducting background check especially with employers. Private investigators are using these files when investigating a criminal case.

One can obtain a copy of a public document if the policies of the state and the county are followed. Fees have to be paid; however, the fee would vary on where it was requested as well as the type of file needed. One can pay not more than $30 to get a family related document. One may need to pay more than $30 to get criminal records. It is important to indicate necessary information about the file that is being requested to make hasten the search. It would help if the date when the even happened is indicated on the application form for family document. One should have a concrete or valid reason for requesting a criminal file. Also, it is necessary to indicate one’s contact details in order to get a public document especially when requesting a criminal record. Some public files can be obtained in days while other may be obtained right away. It all depends on the availability of the document.

It can help if one knows where to obtain a certain file. The office of the Vital Statistics manages the family records of Michigan while the office of the Bureau of Corrections of the Department of Justice houses all crime related files. Public documents of Michigan can also be requested at the county office. One can seek help from the county clerk office for family related files, while the county court house can give you information about a criminal record. If going to any office is too much, one can go online and do the search from there.

A Public Records search is now made possible with the use of the Internet. More and more states are now using technology to disseminate information to the public. This helped many save time and energy in going to certain offices. Also, the needed document is provided in just seconds instead of days or weeks.

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