Valuable Advice Is Available From A Reno DUI Attorney

Driving a car while intoxicated by alcohol is referred to as a DUI. Over time, many changes have been made to the laws concerning this activity. In some states, the legal repercussions associated with DUI charges have become excessively strict. The best individual to seek advice from when one needs clarification about such issues is a Reno DUI attorney.

Because the laws about driving while intoxicated have become more strict over the past decade, many individuals find themselves in trouble before they realize what has happened. For example, one may feel completely sober and not at all intoxicated, but the individual’s blood alcohol content, also called BAC, may be over the legal limit. Such individuals can be arrested regardless of their level of consciousness.

If an officer of the law is completing a routine traffic stop and suspects that a driver is intoxicated, he or she can administer a test called a breathalyzer. The officer may also ask the individual to submit to a BAC test that involves either a blood test or urinalysis. Motorists can refuse to take these types of tests, but in most cases they will still be placed under arrest.

As implied by its name, a breathalyzer is a test that measures one’s breath to discover his or her BAC. This test is more convenient than blood or urine tests, if not quite as accurate. It is frequently used as a field sobriety test to determine if the person can safely drive after the traffic stop.

Many individuals mistakenly think that the actual number of alcoholic beverages they drank that day will determine their blood alcohol content level. In reality, this is rarely a clear indicator of whether or not one is intoxicated. There are many additional factors that also play a role in the person’s level of impairment.

Alcohol tolerance varies significantly from one person to the next. A person’s weight also affects how quickly he or she becomes drunk. For instance, a woman who weighs approximately 110 pounds may start to feel tipsy after only a few drinks. A 250 pound man may be able to drink seven or eight cocktails before feeling any effects. Whether or not the alcoholic beverages were consumed with food also plays an essential role in how quickly one becomes impaired.

Certain drivers begin heading home in their automobile quite innocently, and are entirely unaware of the fact that their BAC may be well beyond the legal limit. It is essential, however, for motorists to understand that if they are stopped and a breathalyzer test is administered that indicates their BAC is over the legal limit, a DUI charge may be forthcoming.

A Reno DUI attorney has the experience and knowledge to help those who find themselves in such unfortunate scenarios. Therefore, it is always wise for anyone who has been arrested for DUI to immediately turn the matter over to a qualified legal professional. The latter will have a thorough understanding of the laws in the motorist’s state and can offer the appropriate advice, thus ensuring that the best possible outcome is achieved.

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