When To Hire An Indiana DUI Lawyer

Drinking and driving is not a matter to be taken lightly. Many people every year find themselves in the unfortunate position of needing the professional services of an Indiana DUI lawyer. A conviction for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol carries severe penalties. Drivers can expect to loose their license, pay fines and may be required to attend an intoxicated driver resource program.

Immediately after they are arrested a client should find a good attorney. There are many listings in the telephone book and also on line. People should look for lawyers with many years of experience and also a good track record in court. Appearing before a judge is an extremely nerve wracking business and people need all the help they can get.

The legal system assumes that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. In the case of an intoxicated driver the burden of proof is still on the court. If the lawyer can find sufficient evident to support a wrongful arrest or misstep by the police they can call to have the case dismissed. The first thing the attorney will go is review the paper work to make totally sure that everything was filled out correctly.

Receiving a driving whilst intoxicated conviction carries both immediate and long term implications. The judge will impose the state mandated sentences and also has the discretion to add extra time to the sentence should he feel it is warranted. There will be a period of licence suspension, fines and often community service as well.

There are many important things to known and hiring the best legal counsel is crucial. Someone with years of experience is really important. They must know the legal system inside out and back to front. A good track record for their clients in court is also something to look for when choosing an attorney. They should also be familiar with the court system where the case will be heard. Each judge is different and knowing the typical reactions of each particular judge is important.

Anyone who needs legal services but cannot afford them can still get help. They will be referred to the local public defender. This is someone employed by the county to provide legal representation to low income individuals. The lack of an ability to pay should not become a disadvantage in court.

There are many long term implications to being convicted of driving under the influence. The most obvious is the loss of driving privileges. This may mean the person has to move house to be closer to their work. They may in some cases even loose their job. They will also be facing much higher insurance premiums for many years to come. In some areas a period of community service is also part of the sentence. This may mean having to give up free time to pay off the debt to society.

Working closely with an Indiana DUI lawyer is an essential step. No on should try to face this difficult situation alone. There are many highly trained lawyers ready and waiting to help. One quick phone call is enough to get the ball rolling. Anyone facing a court appearance should waste no time in contacting a good local attorney.

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