Winning Felony Charges In Singapore

A criminal lawyer is somebody who could be of help to individuals who had a brush with the law. It may be a minor type of crime or a serious one, criminal lawyers are present to help people get out of sticky situations.

Getting accused of a crime is not normal in a peaceful and law-abiding culture such as Singapore. While some people are used to a life of felony, Singaporeans are very considerate of their laws and system and the reasons are quite obvious. The Singapore state maintains a high standard for its citizens who are composed of both locals and tourists, and minor offenses are simply insupportable. In fact, a simple DUI or driving under the influence allegation for a business man could cost him not just his business but also respect from his friends.

There are various kinds of lawyers in Singapore who could double up as a criminal lawyer. A divorce lawyer or company lawyer might also act as a criminal lawyer at times when an attorney specializing in felony cases is not present to offer their services. Of course, it would still be better to consult a criminal lawyer for offenses that are petty or plain heavy and require immediate action.

Criminal lawyers in Singapore have received their education from local universities or notables one abroad. They are required to renew their license and may be obliged to attend conferences regularly to ensure that they are delivering only the best service to Singapore citizens.

Criminal lawyers could be hired through an organization or a company. There are also some lawyers who work in private practice but are equally competent as those employed by major legal agencies. Whatever your case may be, you can be sure that your odds of being acquitted is great with a Singapore crime lawyer.

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