A Chiropractor Retains Professional Standards

Because a chiropractor maintains high professional standards he usually earns the respect of society. It has been along struggle for the profession to earn acceptance but in the twenty -first century acceptance in the western world is almost complete. This must be a relief. Many practitioners have suffered the frustration of being regarded as second class medicos despite extensive training.

In the twenty-first century chiropractors are the victims of discrimination much less that they were at the outset of the profession when nineteenth century practitioners were prosecuted and even jailed for practicing without a license. This still happens in the Far East though the battle for recognition continues there after having been already settled in other parts of the world. Throughout the world concerted efforts continue to establish the respectability of chiropractic.

Whilst bison were roaming at will in vast numbers across the plains of America medical practice was advanced in China. Despite this Chinese traditional medicine is scoffed at by some Western doctors who claim that its methods are not based on ‘science’. They make the same objections to chiropractic. However it was in America that the professions was established and developed. There are some people who practice in the East but acceptance there is some way behind what it is in the West.

There are sound reasons behind medical ethics. Doctors often hold lives in their hands at critical points and therefore the public feel the need for them to be trustworthy. They are also entrusted with intimate bodily details and the need for them to preserve doctor patient confidentiality is important because things that transpire in doctors’ rooms are among the few private areas of life still respected.

To safeguard itself from allegations of quackery the profession has to take action against people who call themselves chiropractors without being well qualified or trained. On the other hand it needs to counter the arguments of some conventional doctors that it is not up to scratch as a profession,

Chiropractors are not alone in their struggles with recognition and qualification. For example the teaching profession has never settled its issues with professionalism satisfactorily. Many believe that the most important teachers in any individual’s life are its parents, yet there are entirely unqualified and the prospect of offering formal education in parenting is fraught with ethical and practical problems.

A problem with teaching, preaching and healing is that anyone can try their hand at it. Without any qualifications a carpenter took up all three and was so successful that he changed the face of the world. Sadly, there are false prophets and false healers. Some well meaning family members might try to relieve the pain of a spouse by manipulating her body and succeed only in seriously exacerbating her problem. For this reason there exist licensing and professional bodies whose aim is to protect the public.

Professionally, a chiropractor will probably fall into one of two camps. There are those who believe that spinal manipulations can cure ailments of various sorts throughout the body. Others focus on disjoints within the spinal column to relieve complaints such as lower back pain or headaches. They prefer prefer not to spread their claims beyond specific back problems. Such dissension is not uncommon within a profession. If anything it may be a sign of healthy debate.

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