Do you have to offer a money back guarantee with your products?

by Stu McLaren

Do you have business questions that are stopping you from really progressing within your market? I know as my business grew I came across road blocks, big and small, that sometimes would put me behind schedule or just stump me. In this article I will answer two of those questions on creating products.

Here is the question:

Is A Money Back Guarantee Required When Selling Products?

What I would do is check with your merchant account because often it is the merchant account that stipulates as far as the guarantee goes and sometimes they even say that you cannot offer guarantee longer than 30 days.

That is the easiest and fastest way to find out the specific rules and regulations that the government has set, which your merchant account will have to follow, so they are the best place to check. Your merchant account will be following and staying up-to-date with the FCC rules and regulations because they are responsible for the money coming and going.

Check with your merchant account, but they are the ones that typically stipulate how long you can and cannot offer guarantee for.

Second question:

How often do you think people ‘steal’ your product by downloading it, then immediately asking for a refund?

With every industry, you will have people who always ask for refunds even when you know they have downloaded your product just hours before. One group that sometimes goes unnoticed is the group that buy your product, then proceed to give their download link, or login information to their family, friends and colleagues, so by the end you have at least ten people accessing one account. If you don’t have a tracking system set up this is very hard to detect.

I can see how many different IP addresses are accessing my information and stuff like that. In the beginning, I did not have that and it was hard to tell and I knew people were passing my info around but you had no way of identifying who those people are and stopping them.

So there are products out there like Product Padlock that Armand Morin created, and it does helps you secure a lot of your digital products that way where it will give you the ability to see who is downloading your product, how many times they have downloaded it, where people are downloading it from.

By tracking this information you can tell if you have five completely different IP addresses downloading your information that someone is passing on their login information to other people. Product Padlock is a great resource to keep tabs on this information. There isn’t a set number or percentage that this happen, but I can tell you it does happen, no matter what type of product I sell.

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