Easy Way of Beating Adwords and Making Lots of Money Fast

by Joseph Archibald

So you want to make lots of money and you want to make lots of money fast on the internet, right? The more the better, obviously.

Is it a huge desire for you to do just that? To give up the daily slog working 8 hours or more in the office so you can spend more time at home doing the things that really matter to you for a change?

Just imagine how that would feel – getting out of bed when you wanted to instead of being at the beck and call of your job. Having the freedom to do things that you want to do because now you have the time to do it. Having the money – make lots of money fast – and flexibility to travel when and where you want.

You have tried so many different methods to make an income from the internet now that you are almost beginning to lose faith in it. After all – how much longer can you be expected to go on and on investing so much time, effort and money into things that simply don’t work for you?

You have tested the directory submission methods only to find that most of the directories now charge a fee if you are to get a guaranteed submission. If you were to pay for each one you would soon be flat broke! How to make lots of money fast?

You tried reciprocal linking to other websites with a similar theme to your own site but its taking so much time and effort and yet the results don’t seem any different than before. Still your website is not to be seen in any of the major search engines top 500 search results, let alone the first page! Even if it were in the top 500 results, what’s the point if its still not got a first page ranking? No one will ever see it. No first page position equals no traffic, which in turn equals no income.

How much money has been “invested” seeking opportunity after opportunity because the last one that promised so much has failed to produce the goods, yet again?

You bought so many eBooks that you don’t know how to keep them all cataloged on your hard drive – its getting out of control. In fact, your computers desktop is flowing over with eBooks and downloaded zip files that its making you depressed every time you switch on and boot up.

But on the other hand, you check your email again today and BAM! there is the answer – contained in that one email out of the 100 or so you got for the day – the promise of “amazing traffic”! This method is different to each you have tried so far. So, what to do – leave it or pop it in the trash and regret that you did not try it out, or purchase it and regret in a weeks time you ever spent the money?

Some years ago now I invested in Cory Rudl’s Internet Marketing Tips course. I read the documents that were posted to me from cover to cover and thought that although I don’t fully understand all the concepts, it should not be too difficult to implement the ideas. The point being that back in 2002 internet marketing was a different ball game to what it is now. Back then it was more a case of getting some keywords and building a simple website around the keywords and the traffic would come to your website. No need for much in the way of marketing the website at all.

Well obviously now things are very different on the internet and although its much easier to build a website or something similar (a blog), its clearly much, much more difficult to get traffic to said website. But, does it really have to be? Is it really possible to make lots of money fast with internet marketing? Did I mention anything about beating adwords yet?

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