Effective Strategies for Business Lead Generation

by David B. Ascot

Today, I want to tell you a bit about the best techniques for getting traffic to your site in the interests of business lead generation. It’s more than just getting people to your site – you need to attract visitors who are in a position to make or influences purchases. This makes traffic driving strategies for business lead generation a whole different ballgame than driving traffic for other purposes.

There are techniques that can drive hundreds or thousands of visitors a month from social networking sites for example. But if you’re selling high-end software to business executives or carpet cleaning services to busy professionals, it’s unlikely your target customer is going to be among the traffic you generate via these methods. There’s also the problem of the rapidly changing internet landscape.

Traffic generation techniques change with the search engine algorithms. Every time that Google and other big players change things, the ways to effectively drive traffic change almost instantly. This is why we’re looking into traffic generation techniques that continue to work year after year. First, we’ll look at the methods which we’ll be looking at in depth in another article.

Local Search – advertising in a local market on the internet

Pay Per Click Advertising – paying for each visitor that comes to your website via the ad

Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) – getting your site ranked higher by search engines using keywords

Blogging, or publishing a kind of online journal

Social Networking and Web 2.0 – using social networks such as Myspace, Facebook and other sites to reach different communities and convince people to visit your site

Offline Traffic Generation – using traditional media like print, radio, TV and others to drive traffic to your website

Name Capture and Follow-up – getting contact information from visitors and keeping in touch to encourage them to visit again

I’ll talk about some of the things which can make the difference between so-so and exceptional performance in each of these techniques. We’ll start with Local Search.

Local search is basically targeted internet advertising but just in your local area. If you have a business that works well or used to work well in the Yellow Pages, then local search could be a highly effective method for you and there are a number of services that deliver local search services.

One of the best is Google Local. It’s basically one part of Google Adwords and what it allows you to do is advertise on local keywords such as “pest control Melbourne”, and when someone searches for that type of term, a map will actually appear in Google with various drawing pins on the map that lead to your address, your website and your services.

In Google, local search is very prominent. This will show up better than will the regular search results; which is why I recommend this program highly.

There are of course other local search services. Among these are City Search, True Local and Yellow Pages Online. Make sure to look into the conversion rates and traffic generation made possible by these service to make sure you are making good use of your advertising budget.

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