Google Adwords Phone Tracking Feature Permits Advertisers Track Call Generation

As a part of its ongoing effort to improve the AdWords system, Google has just launched a new option called Website Call Conversions. This option adds a new conversion type to the AdWords system, and allows webmasters to track phone calls which are made if a user lands on a site after clicking on an AdWords ad.

To use the system, advertisers merely add a bit of code to their websites. The code will produce a distinct Google phone number that will be seen for up to 90 days, and will redirect to the company’s official phone number. This means that Google may track not just users who take advantage of the click-to-call feature of their phone, but likewise those who write the number down and call it manually. Users can assign distinctive values to conversions depending on which page the phone number was seen on. So, an individual who calls a general enquiries or purchaser service number may be worth less (in terms of advertising payments) than an individual who called in directly to the sales hotline.

Regrettably, the method is unable to track actual conversions, so there is no manner of realizing whether those callers acquire a specific thing before the call is ended, but the metrics are still useful and there are other contact center distinct apps that offer more detailed logging, so webmasters who need to track more detailed metrics will have the option to do so. Currently, Google is providing the feature in the UK, the USA, Australia, Spain, France and Germany.

Walmart will utilize the details they accumulate from the app – such as community data, the items that the customer buys, and how often they shop, to offer users with targeted discounts and exclusive offers. In addition, buyers can utilize the app to compare prices, check stock levels at their nearby shops, and even refil prescriptions. This app is similar to a low-friction rewards program, but with so many additional facilities that the value proposition is far simpler to sell.

While this modern option is surely a boon for webmasters, it is important to note that the option does not support tracking of the actual call itself. So, if a company owner has to realize whether a call actually results in a sale they will have to make use of a different tracking tool to find that out. The good news is that there is a lot of software out there that could fulfil exactly that purpose for your business.

Users are giving up a lot of sensitive information if they utilize the app, but they’re unlikely to mind considering the financial savings, convenience, and flexibility of the app.

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