How Can I Make Money With Articles Using Banner Advertisements?

by M Romeo

The king of the internet right now is content filled, unique, article based websites. But, without traffic, the best information in the world is useless. That’s why website promotion is so important. Back in the early year of the internet, banner ads were very important. Then people started ignoring them, and the value of banner ads went down significantly. However, now might be the time to look at banner ads as a significant part of your web promotion plan.

Banner Ads and What they Can do

In case you don’t know what a banner ad is, it’s usually a large graphic at the top of someone’s web site, that if you click it takes you to another web page. It’s a way of getting traffic from a related website and getting them to your own website with a compelling offer/promotion, etc. Monthly fees can get very hefty on very high traffic sites, in some instances going to $5,000-10,000 a month. However, in most cases you can buy banners for as little as $20-100 a month. There are also free banner exchanges programs that can help you save some money. We’ll examine the benefits of each type of banner advertising methods.

Banner Exchange Programs

There are numerous new programs called Free Banner Exchanges. Which helps to get website owners together so that each site can exchange a banner with a complementary site. For instance a webmaster site might exchange banners with a web hosting site. However, there are major issues with these free banner exchanges. First, you’re limited in how many of these exchanges you can do. You have 1-4 exchanges depending on your layout that you can use, and then your website starts to look cluttered and unprofessional. Secondly beware of who you exchange banners with. Look out for “banner farms”, websites that have many banners all across their website. Most of these websites look pretty unprofessional, and will hardly send you any traffic, you’re better off not exchanging at all. The banner farm is the one who would win, by you giving them free traffic for almost no return.

Buying Banner Ads

While paying for banner ads may seem expensive at first, as long as you have properly designed your banner campaign and can track your sales, your banner ads can pay for themselves many times over. Of utmost importance in deciding where to buy a banner ad is the amount of traffic that the web page gets. Is the traffic quality traffic, with similar interests to whatever you’re promoting on your website. It won’t do you much good to pay for a banner ad about a video game on a website about cat health. Secondly, you should make sure that you’re ad is placed in a good area of the website that invites clicks. And lastly, make sure that there aren’t too many banners on the page especially to competitors offers.

A website promotion strategy can be helped with effective banner ad placement. Make sure you place interesting and intriguing ads on quality sites for highest effectiveness. Hopefully the above tips have given you some help to implement your banner ad strategy. Good luck, and happy placement.

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