How Smart Marketers Make Money Online With Squidoo

by Anthony Chambers

The Internet is the premier virtual real estate of all times. It is spawning more millionaires that any other phenomenon in history. One of the more pristine pieces of virtual real estate you can find online is Seth Godin’ creation with the funny name “squidoo”. Squidoo is a true web 2.0 system that allows you to create web pages on the go, and promote them for maximum profit. All of this is free. In this article, I want to share some of what I learned about how to make money online with squidoo

To start using squidoo, here are some basic things you understand. Although squidoo is free, they do have a few rules which you must follow, such as rating your adult lens as such so that you do not expose adult material to children. However, as a marketer the rules are really easy to live with. If you are willing to learn how to put up a well created and optimized lens, you can make a full-time living from home just by making squidoo lens. By the way, a lens is the same thing as a web page. That is jus “squidoo speak”.

If you are ready, let us dive right in and learn the secrets of how to make money with squidoo. One of the first things to remember, is that your lens must be interesting. When a reader arrives at your lens, you will want to keep him there for as long as possible. To do this, you will want to create bold, interesting headlines with short paragraphs. These should be interspersed with some good graphics. A good way to get a handle on all of this is to find a top-rated lens and copy the general format of it. Every lens is rated and most lens-builders want to be rated number 1.

So let us get back to the idea of building a lens. You will want to choose a topic in which you are interested, and for which there is some amount of desire on the part of the general Internet population. This is how you can find a good idea. Go online to your favourite search engine and type in “how to” or “teach me how to”. When people are looking to solve problems, they usually type something similar. You are going to see a bunch of interesting results. Choose what you like, and refine your research with the Google adwords tool. Look that up too.

Now that you have your idea for a lens, and you have crafted a good-looking page, you are ready to learn how to actually make money online with that squidoo lens. Avoid the mistake of only putting in a few tags. Tags are the squidoo equivalent of keywords. You are allowed 40 of them. Use them all! Try to use a few rare ones that do not have a lot of competition. Also, you will want to exercise ultimate control over all the out-going links from your lens. If there are 25 out-going links, make sure that at least 20 of them belong to you.

Getting feedback before people leave your lens is a good idea. It should help you make more sales. When readers do leave your lens, that out-bound link could be a web page, an affiliate link, an opt-in page, or even a blog, but make sure you control where they are going. Too many non-monetized outbound links on your lens is not going to help you make money with squidoo. Also you can vary how much of your adsense earnings you donate to charity. You may even choose to keep 100% of what you earn.

So now that your lens is looking spiffy and ready for the world, you will need to promote it. A dead lens, like a dead website is a complete waste of time. To promote your lens, use tags, bookmarks, and directories to promote them. Some of these are,,, and There are many others. Also, you can bookmark to many social pages at once using . A great idea is to go around to the top lens in your area, and type in comments in their feedback forms with links to your own lens. Even if they do not reciprocate, you should benefit.

One of the many ways you can make money online is by seriously promoting residual income programs. Residual income programs are programs like GDI, SFI, Wealthy Affiliate, and empowerism, that pay you a monthly income for work done one time. Usually you have to remain a paid member of these programs to make money with them. The idea however is still a good one, and if you are genuinely interested in their programs, you can make extra money online from promoting them.

There are also residual programs that you can join without having to pay a monthly fee. The second tier, from Russell Brunson, and the Marketing Center, created by the late Cory Rudl are good examples. They are two-tier affiliate programs that you can promote without paying a membership fee. At the same time you will be paid whenever one of your referrals buy one of their products.

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