How To Get rid Of Google Map On white Page Listing

by thulas

Attention: If you are already listed with Google then if you offer once again, you site would not get listed quicker. In case you have not yet submitted your site, find the page where such submissions are done by searching ‘Google submit’. It is understandable that their page would rank on top of the list but you could attempt several other ways for them to decide on your site.

A successful way to index your site by Google is through important links with other heavy-traffic sites. Using online directories could be the best and fastest way though. Google has the habit of scrutinizing top level directories regularly and when any site has links from these the site also gets noticed quicker.

The choice is between free and paid subscription directories and you have to pick your choice depending on the money available. Any business directory which operates with the same kind of interest area as your business is the best bet since Google pays a lot of importance to similarity before indexing your site. Your site must be completely relevant to the business directory as both of you work in the same area.

DMOZ, also known as the Open Directory, is probably one of the most important directories to get listed in if you are interested in good rankings from Google. However, this is not the quickest way to get Google to look at your website. It might take you several weeks or months before you get listed by DMOZ. The reason for this is that a category editor personally reviews every site submitted and who knows how far down the line your site is? One critical issue here is that when submitting to DMOZ, remember to read and comply with each and every guideline they have and provide all that they ask for.

There is yet another way to get noticed by Google and that is through submitting articles to article submission sites. Nearly all the worthy article sites allow you to leave behind your tell tale signature box called ‘About the Author’ or ‘Author Resource’. This is the place which is meant to carry the critical link to your site.

If the articles are good, then your articles could also be chosen by other sites for inclusion and this is another advantage of writing articles. It is to be understood though that they must carry the Author details section at all times and this gives you a free link to your site. This is one way to confirm Google noticing your site and if the articles are in conjunction to your business then you can expect the flow of traffic to increase. So in summary, you can try submitting directly to Google but I think that either directories or writing articles will work as well if not better at getting you notice.

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