Labor Day is Belaboring The Point

by Rebecca Holman

Even after 100 years, Labor Day still has yet to be a true celebration for the working class. Are you a happy worker or were you one of the one that ended up working over the Labor Day holiday? You need to STOP the INSANITY. Most likely you are wondering how to make ends meet and the rising prices are like a conspiracy that is taking away your financial cushion, if you even had one.

So do you realize that you need to stop kidding yourself about the financial stability that keeps itself at arms length. Wouldn’t it be neat to celebrate Laborless Day? What if you could pick and choose what days you work and the times you work? What would you do if you had that sort of freedom? I would like to give you some fresh ideas that you can apply now to help you see the future better.

So have you tried to work from home already? The news I have for you is to STOP promoting your Business Opportunity. Really, Stop It. I know it sound counter intuitive but you are keeping your self broke by throwing up on every person that is within 3 feet of you. Want to know why?

Well there are some reasons I know of personally: First You will have to literally recruit and train 100s of reps before you make any real money in most MLM programs. But don’t get me wrong. The MLM model is one model I use myself to build my RESIDUAL income.

If you are only promoting MLM business opportunities alone then you already know that it is not generating your significant money today. Without Cashflow how can you stay in business?

Lets end your Laboring Day forever. You know your business need Cashflow to survive. You know you need cashflow to thrive. So lets look to successful mentors like Mike Dillard and Jay Kubassek and implement a Cashflow to Wealth System that can be used to build your business from your first week. So you need to find the quality prospects to build your business just like for your normal opportunity, but you will leverage funded proposals to help you and your team get MONEY in your pockets Now.

If you know what the Cashfolw to Wealth System is already then you know the power that is inherent in this system. Remember when you went to your MLM meetings and they made you buy the tapes and books? They were funding their businesses upfront, until you joined them later one. This is along the same lines but is done over the internet and uses funded programs and affiliate products that can be used to build any business. Most marketers don’t catch on to the power of this system.

You can certainly decide to remain with the 97% of marketers that are currently making nothing? But you have the choice now for the first time to be part of the 3% and learn a SYSTEM you can apply to not only promote any opportunity but build multiple downlines.

I want to see an end to Labor Day as we know it. I want to see Laborers be free and making what they are worth. You know in your heart of hearts that there is an easier way. You know that there is a way to duplicate a system that is easy to learn and can help you make it the first week, WHILE you build your primary business. Find out about this new powerful system. Time to Plug In.

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