Earn a (Big Time) Lawyer’s Income with Affiliate Programs

by Casper Poodel

Only two things are necessary to earn substantial income as an affiliate. You need to drive visitors to your website, preferably visitors belonging to an easily definable group (students, young mothers, retirees, football fans, newlyweds, fishermen, etc.). And, you need to select one or more affiliate programs which offer products or services likely to appeal to them.

The first question you have to address is demographics, especially if you have a website that does not attract an easy to define visitors base. But, even if your visitors can be pretty well defined, there are important demographic questions to be asked and answered. Are your visitors men or women? How old are most of them? Do they have significant disposable income? Do they often make purchases online? What are their interests? What are their needs? Their buying habits?

Most important of all, why do they come to your website? What do they hope to do there? Are they looking for advice, entertainment, the solution to a medical problem, or something else?

By finding out as much as you can about your visitors, you’ll be able to more quickly and accurately learn what kinds of products and services they will find most compelling. Generating lots of traffic to your site is, as we’ve said, very important. But, for your website to be more than a hobby, you must provide your visitors with appropriate services and/or products. Luckily, and this is great news, you don’t have to pick the right products/services the first, second, or even the third time. Just keep learning, keep thinking, and (most of all) keep trying until you’re right.

Be sure to consider lead generation programs as well as programs which pay you on a per sale basis. Depending on the content of your site and the demographics of your visitors, they may be more interested in receiving car insurance quotes, for instance, than in buying auto accessories. Some programs pay you very well just to help them identify prospects for whatever it is they sell.

Many website owners make a very nice living giving away products to consumers who, in exchange for freebies, give companies permission to contact them with product offers in the future. If you spend anytime online, you have undoubtedly seen such offers.

Obviously, you want to consider programs which pay high commissions, but your own sales and/or sales leads do not have to be your only source of revenue. Try to find programs which will pay you for attracting other affiliates, particularly two and three tier programs. One program to which I belong pays me 10% of the earnings of everyone I sign up.

Be cautious and selective when choosing an affiliate program. Choose those which:

1. offer you good online tracking and statistics so that you can see how you’re doing and what you may need to tweak. You need hard statistical information to make good marketing decisions.

2. provide you with well written advertising copy and well designed, attention getting banners.

3. offer you a quick and complete response when you have a question or a problem.

4. offer a valuable, reasonably priced product or service which your website visitors are likely to want.

If you offer your visitors a free newsletter, a “how to” guide, or anything else of value, they will willingly provide you with their email addresses…email addresses you can use to contact them after adding information to your website; email addresses you can use to send them product offerings, and email addresses you can use to maintain contact with them for years. But, you email them only when you have an update, new product, or information they are likely to find worthwhile. Otherwise, they ask to be removed from your mailing list or stop opening your emails. Remember, if cultivated properly, one website visitor may buy many products from you over the course of a few years.

Finally, follow the great advice I once got from an extremely successful businessperson. Track and analyze everything that moves.

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