6 Simple Steps To Get Offline Publicity For Your Business

by Theo McLanahan

Doing business over the Internet offers many advantages, such as being able to work anywhere and having a vast market to work with. That doesn’t mean that you have to stick to online publicity. There is still much to gain by taking your promotions offline.

You can expose your business to a larger market by means of press releases. Press releases are simple documents that you send to the media which contain information regarding your business that you hope the media will do a story about.

There is a standard format to follow when writing a press release and you can find samples on the internet. You can include general information about your business as well as feature an event or special promotion. You can submit them to any news organization, from your local newspaper to an online media outlet.

Just giving someone a business card is a powerful publicity tool. You can promote your business by doing nothing more than putting your business card inside you mailbox, attaching it to the back of fliers, or simply handing it out.

Be on the look out for public events that your business could sponsor in order to gain more publicity. If your business is related to children, you could get more in the public eye by sponsoring a little league team. A local health fair would be a good place to get some publicity if your company deals with health issues.

Many groups, clubs, and organizations in your area would no doubt be interested in having you come and give a speech in front of a group. Even though this can be nerve racking, if you have the courage to do so it can be a powerful publicity booster.

Be creative and use your imagination when looking for groups to approach. When you find a group that is in your target market, call the group and offer to give a presentation.

For instance, if you are a web designer, the local Chamber of Commerce would be thrilled for you to come in and give a presentation on a number of topics relating to websites.

The people who hear your presentation may be so enamored by your presentation that they will want to do business with you or at least they will be willing to suggest you to other people who need to work with a web designer.

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