Using E-Mail to Get Publicity

by Theo McLanahan

Email is commonly associated with communication. Publicity frequently makes people think of press releases and paid advertisements. Email can be used skillfully, though, as a publicity booster for your company.

Most email programs have a signature line option. You can create a unique signature that includes your name, phone number, slogan, website address or anything else that comes to mind. When you choose to have the signature line option on, your email program will automatically include your signature line into outgoing messages.

If your message is going to someone who doesn’t know about your business, your signature line will give them a brief overview. And if anyone forwards your emails to other people, your signature line will be included as well.

You can boost publicity by means of email by using an autoresponder to keep in touch with individuals on a mailing list that you create. Such a set up works well if you design an e-course related to your companys market. If you are most interested in reaching mothers who are worried about health issues, your e-course could be about why using organic baby food is so beneficial.

Autoresponding services are readily available and each one offers a different set of specific services, so make sure that you shop around before choosing on one. These services let you make forms that will enable you to draw in subscribers. HTML code you receive from the autresponding service can be placed in your website or blog so that people can fill in their email address and receive emails from you.

You can write emails ahead of time and load them into your autoresponder, and as you gain subscribers your emails will automatically be sent to them. You can specify how many days apart you want the emails to be sent. Sending one email or lesson per day is very common with e-courses. On day 1 you can send your subscribers a welcome email, on day 2 they will receive lesson 1 of the e-course, on day 3 they will receive lesson 2 and so forth.

Emails that you send with an autoresponder should all include some kind of call to action. If you design an e-course for organic baby foods, use this as an opportunity to include affiliate links to e-books or links to any other product that you are working to promote or sell.

The Internet is the best place to get information on any topic you want and email is a great way to get that information to your customers will simultaneously marketing your products and services.

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