Passport to Wealth, Scam or Opportunity?

by George L. Kenney

My search on the internet to find an online business opportunity took me to Passport to Wealth. Passport to Wealth is one of the many direct marketing opportunities which you’ll find if you Google “making money in a home business”. I found Passport to Wealth this way, went to a website, and filled out the contact information.

I was promptly contacted by a gentleman name Mike. Mike was very informative and forthcoming about Passport to Wealth as well as online marketing in general. As I said, Mike was a gentleman. Mike informed me that the initial investment to get started in PPTW is $997.00

What’s the Product?

As a member of Passport to Wealth you receive countless digital products which you can download. Most of these have to do with online marketing. They include ebooks and tutorials. With your $997.00 purchase, you also have a license to resell any of the products as well as recruit new members by selling the product package and business opportunity. Mike then told me about a business overview call that afternoon.

The overview call was much in line with others which I have been on. First the person in charge of the call gives a brief overview of the business and talks about their experience with it. Next you generally hear testimonials from others on the line, and then there is a brief Q&A session. It was mentioned that the products had been valued for at over $75,000. As this sounded really good I decided to do some more research.

How do I get Paid?

This is where I started to balk. Passport to Wealth is structured as a “2-up”. What this means to you as a new member is, you’ll pass up your first two sales to your sponsor. These are referred to as training sales. The theory is that once you’ve done this, everyone you sponsor will be passing up two sales to you.

Having come from another “2-up” and having the lingering feeling that I’d been burned, I decided to pass on Passport. My biggest concern is that I’m putting a lot of time, effort and perhaps money into the opening of any business venture and then just as I begin to see the rewards . . . I’m giving them away . . . . $1,994.00 of rewards . . . WHY?


I truly believe that Passport to Wealth is a real marketing opportunity with real products to go along with the business opportunity however, I chose to pass. I simply don’t feel that, even though I may learn a lot from a sponsor, I should “pass up” my initial profits. That’s how THEY make money, not how I make it. Also, after those initial sales are complete, your sponsor has no vested interest in your business anymore, a lot of them tend to disappear. Oh, I almost forgot. After the passed up sales aren’t you and your sponsor in direct competition for new business?

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