Product Branding – The Key to Marketing Success

by Rachel L. Matagaster

Whether you are selling services, electronic downloads, or shippable goods, the principles of product branding are worthy of your consideration. Any product must be seen, and make a favorable first impression. Product branding takes your creation and makes it a memorable to your clients.

Marketing campaigns, including product branding, is big business these days. The competition is tough in just about every market. Because of this we have to keep our focus, do our homework, find our niche, and protect our creations. You need to start with product branding to make those memorable impressions.

So the hard part is done, you’ve got your new product, or at least a prototype. Now we find ourselves at the step of product branding, finding that interesting but easy name that people will remember. You want your product seen, understood, and purchased. You want the repeat business. With product branding you can assure that your good name will be remembered.

The last thing you want is to slip into obscurity. You also don’t want that catchy name you thought of to fall into someone else’s hands. Branding your product and taking the steps to protect that concept and name is worth your weight in gold. Then when you are ready to do your marketing you can be assured that your money will to toward selling your product, not someone else’s.

It’s not hard to decide what type of branding to use. If your product fits in with existing products, and those products are established in the market, you will likely choose family branding so you can ride on the success and recognition of your existing brand. Individual product branding doesn’t offer the coat-tail of another product’s success to ride on.

Co-branding, another marketing strategy, teams up two known product brands. One great example is MasterCard and Visa. This brings together the strength and identity of both into a synergetic new product.

It’s worth your time to research the laws in your state and apply for a trademark. You may want to consider a federal trademark as well. It’s easy to do, and the cost is little when compared to the time and energy you’ve placed in developing your potential money-maker.

Product branding, it’s the key to marketing success. Finding a powerful name that will capture the attention of your target audience can catapult your new product into success.

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