Register My Client: Bridging the Gap Between Builders and Real Estate Agents

by Fred Arnett

Real Estate Agents are looking for anything and everything that will help them make up the difference between their income two years ago and their income now. Agents who have stumbled upon early mention of the new services are salivating because their new home commissions are one of the major sources of lost income that can now be salvaged 100% of the time through this timely and easily accessed free service.

What is RMC? is a new, innovative website that allows real estate agents to register their clients online. allows real estate agents to register their clients with not just one builder, but with all builders that are affiliated with saving Real Estate agents valuable time, energy and resources.

What Do Agents Pay to Access the Service? is a FREE service to all Real Estate Agents.

How Do Agents Register for the Service?

For an agent to register to use they simply click on the “Get Started” tab on the home page and follow the instructions. Agents are immediately issued a username and password used to log in to the site to view account activity as well as to register additional clients.

Can Any Agent Access the Site?

Only licensed real estate agents are given access to the The site is not open to the general public.

How do Agents Register Their Clients?

Once an agent has a username and password, they can use it to log in to at any time and input new client information.

What About the Agent’s Commission?

Participating builders are required to sign’s legal agreement that ensures that traditional/advertised commissions will be paid to agents at the close of escrow.

Does the Registration Last Until a Home is Purchased?

No. Registration lasts for 30 days. When 25 days has passed, agents will receive an email suggesting that they re-register their client prior to registration expiration. Agents should remember that the registration must be confirmed (by email) the client in order for the registration or re-registration to be valid.

Are Agents Still Required to Accompany their Client to the New Home Communities?

An online registration with fulfills the “visiting” requirement for all participating builders.

Do Agents have to Choose Which New Home Builders to Register With?

YES! In fact with agents are actually registering their client with all participating builders simultaneously online.

How Does the Builder Know that and Agent has Registered a Client?

Agents receive a confirmation by email when they register a client. The confirmation will specify each participating builder the client is registered with through the system. While the registration is active and valid at this point it’s still a good idea to fax or email the registration to the builder at the time of the contract signing. Each new home builder will also have access to the database and confirm registrations on an individual basis as needed.

Will Clients be Notified that they have been Registered?

After an agent registers a client with, the registered client will receive an email requesting confirmation. Until this confirmation is received the listing is not valid. RMC suggests that agents advise their clients about the confirmation email and that they should watch for it.

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