Telephone Marketing 101: Phone Marketing Tips That Boost Sales

Why do telemarketers fail to connect with their customers over the telephone? It is probably because they commit one fatal error when they pick up the telephone to talk: they treat every business call like a personal call. They do not realise that their business calls are different from personal calls. Business calls necessitate a higher level of care and professionalism.

Are you among those who commit the lethal mistake of undermining business calls? Are you among those who disregard the importance of the telephone as a vital marketing tool over the years? Do you look down on your phone as a thing of the past? Well, here is one painful truth for you: majority of conventional marketers who still use the telephone and know how to use telephone really well has enjoyed excellent marketing results and better profits over time.

The interesting truth is that the telephone still retains its form as a competent marketing medium. Through the years, it has grown into a more potent marketing tool, establishing itself as a reliable communication tool that allows users to talk real time, without delay. But why do detractors say that the phone is no longer effective? The issue actually rests upon the shoulders of the telemarketers, not the tool itself. Marketers with poor communication skills fail to capture the marketing potentials of the phone.

When interacting on the phone, prioritise your customers. Recognise that every customer has a different set of needs and wants.

Your responsibility as a marketer revolves around these needs. As a phone communicator, you must see to it that these demands are pleased on time. Without seeing you face to face, clients can tell if you’re really eager to help them in any way you can.

Knowing how to sell on the phone only becomes manageable when you acknowledge your weak points. Learn how to answer telephone calls by counting on the high value how to sell on the telephone manual formulated by one of the world’s most innovative marketing gurus, Paul Dunn.

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