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The immense number of websites populating the web today urges the need for an effective search engine optimization (SEO) technique. To get on top of a search list, a site must compete with billions of other sites. To start with it is important to carry out Directory Submissions, Additionally, search engines continuously evolve with the aim of providing users an accurate and significant list of websites during searches. These make it difficult to find the right SEO strategy to best other sites and cope with the search engine updates.

To execute a successful SEO campaign, one must first understand how search engines work. The campaign must consider and try to understand how a search engine filters through the avaliable content to deliver the user relevant results. However the specifics of the algorithms remain undisclosed to the public and this is what makes guaranteeing your sites visability harder.

Even though the actual specifics of the mechanics behind search engines remains private, we can still carry out certain measures that are apparant. Keyword density is one parameter that is believed to play a role in search engine placement. If a site’s content is full of keywords it doesn’t mean that the search engine rankings for this site are guaranteed to be good, as it is the website creator that is reponsible for the content, search engines can see this as spam if it is to dense. If the site is classed as spamming and a blatent attempt to manipulate a ranking then it will have the reverse effect and result in a low ranking site.

Another criteria said to be a credited factor when ranking a site is the amount of backlinks a site possesses. The larger number of backlinks to a site shows popularity and understanding of the promoted site and so will help when deciding on search engine placement.

Just like keyword searches, backlinks are more effective the more of them a site has. However, the time frame when these backlinks were created plays a part in a sites ranking too. If a site has a huge amount of backlinks spread over a sustainable amount of time this is beneficial, although if these backlinks were created in a short time frame then this can be seen as trying to manipulate the search engine rankings.

This SEO method can be further employed using techniques in social bookmarking and directory submission. Both can add backlinks to a website. Social bookmarking systems allow users to manage website links as bookmarks. Users can use these to remember links or share it to other users. They are often descriptive of the links’ content thus making it a good reference for search engines in measuring keyword relevance.

Directory submission enables site owners to give links to web directories to be added in the directory’s list. The site links are grouped by type and are often included with description. The category, description and other related texts serve as keyword references.

SEO backlinks especially Social Bookmarking, are good tools if done effectively. Choosing to buy backlinks can be helpful. A site owner who decides to try backlinks should be mindful of how search engines interpret it. It should be done in a consistent and significant manner. [youtube:MJc1wZ6D2As; Super Charge Your SEO Backlink Campaigns [link:backlinks];]

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