The Essentials Of Buzz Marketing

There’s a buzz of excitement in the air about a marketing tactic that is as old as the wind. The term is buzz marketing, but most people know it as good old-fashioned word of mouth. The basic premise behind buzz marketing is word-of-mouth advertising that is started purposefully, and then documented as part of an overall marketing campaign. Buzz marketing is coming into vogue because other marketing methods are no longer as effective as they once were. In addition, this form of advertising takes advantage of the strength of personal referrals. The basics of buzz can be mastered and applied to even a small online marketer.

The success of buzz marketing hinges on the effectiveness of word-of-mouth recommendations. Companies enlist volunteers, known as buzz agents, to test products. When the buzz agents begin spreading the word about their experience with the product, the word-of-mouth advertising is set in motion.

Agents must obey certain guidelines, based on the company. They maintain honest assessments of both good and bad aspects of the product. Most are also required to disclose their position as buzz agents.

Marketers record the information shared with them by their agents, as well as the demographics of new customers. Then the marketers use this information to track the effects of their buzz marketing campaign.

Buzz marketing, at its most basic, utilizes the curiosities inherent in every person. This marketing technique takes advantages of people’s natural tendencies to gossip and talk amongst themselves. People are drawn into a story with an intriguing headline or an interesting twist. Buzz marketers can take advantage of that.

Buzz marketing strives to take advantage of these same human tendencies. Marketers are using informal conversation to connect a product with its market using memorable headlines and gossip. Discussions like these have a tendency to spread quickly once people start talking about the product with everyone they know.

One way to get the conversation rolling is through social media outlets. Social media websites like Twitter and Facebook offer an excellent platform for advertising just about anything. Another popular technique is to offer free trials of a product to initiate the buzz.

Once the story is crafted, the advertisers would then begin the buzz by putting the story on the web or sending the agents out on the street. They might also include a contest or a free trial of their product to get people talking. To get the word out about the product to a wide audience all at once, advertisers might post the story to Twitter, Facebook, or another social networking site.

The most important thing is to make sure that the product is of great quality. Many products can be sold if positive buzz is generated both online and off. A great marketing campaign is worthless if the product is junk. Buzz will definitely ignite, but it will not be the positive vibe the company was hoping to generate.

While word-of-mouth is an old technique, the focused, corporate use of it is something new. A company with a great product and a great story will undoubtedly find buzz marketing to be one of its best marketing friends.

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