The store of the Pirelli calendar

The headlines have been fresh with news concerning calendars. This is because the Malayan calendar predicted the end of an era and 201Although the calendar didn’t predict the end of the world, they did predict a wholesale change in the beginning of a new 5000 year period. The Pirelli calendar is a famous entity even though it is not hitting headlines of late.

1872 was the year Pirelli made a feature into the tire industry with his tire and cable company. He only had 45 employees then. The Company is a multibillion entity having thousands of employees. The company started the Pirelli calendar as an advertising ploy. The company aimed at key markets while marketing their tires using these calendars. A while later in the calendars history, photographers took photos of models on the beaches of Cote d’Azur.Sophia Loren was one of the famous models who appeared on the calendar cover. She was controversially known for this as she made an appearance on the calendar at age 72. Pirelli had this covered as they were well ahead of time for this

With the coming of the recession due to the oil crisis in 1974, they discontinued the calendar. 10 years later was when it made a feature again. The calendar went on the usual showing tires in various levels of sophistication until it was unnecessary to advertise their products.

You should know that calendar production was limited and only a few people were allowed access.It was rare and in demand.

The calendar went world over after a period of time.A reason to this is it was associated with the Pirelli racing team.Pirelli started using the best photographers and models for its production. It was during this time, the decision was to make a limited number of them and make them valuable. This is when the calendars became collectibles. Among the models were Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss and Helena Christiansen.

The narrative changed depending on the photographer. For example, Peter Beard who was a famous photographer wanted a wild and free theme so he took the landscape of the Botswana. Beard had lived in Africa hence he was familiar with the landscape.

The company printed the calendar on Lead free paper.Pirelli wanted it to be eco-friendly.He made sure the people shooting the calendar models were environmental friendly. He also helped curb emissions from production of the calendar and also protected a forested area in Costa-Rica.

The very latest calendar features Miranda Kerr and it shot in Brazil. The calendar depicts playfulness as the models are posed eating bananas.Each year the Pirelli calendar has a different theme of womanhood. The calendar is known to have the combination of beauty, glam and creativity. The enticement is added to the calendar as it is hard to find and ownership is restricted.

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