Using eBooks To Establish Yourself as an Expert in Your Industry

by Stu McLaren

When people consider you an expert in your industry it will entice them to want to buy your products or services.

It makes sense. Would you rather buy an eBook on making a website from someone who just decided to write a book or from someone who has written several eBooks on that topic?

You can establish yourself as an expert in your industry by creating eBook on a particular subject. The reasons how to do this and why this should be done will be discussed in this article.

Creating an eBook provides you with a status.

Creating a status is very important to do for your business because once you are known for something, people then begin to think of you when they need that something.

Here’s a quick example. I’m known as My Idea Guy. I’ve branded myself as this and am known to provide solutions for people. The majority of people that I work with are information marketers, speakers and authors.

Branding myself has now made me known for being able to help people build their businesses through generating all kinds of ideas.

I’ve become known for that one thing and because of that I now attract business just for that purpose. People are attracted to my ideas, services, products and philosophies, all because I was able to establish my brand.

Creating an eBook on a topic that you are an expert in can help you do just that. You may be thinking, ‘Wait a second, you keep talking about being an expert, but I’m not an expert at anything.’

You don’t have to be an expert! By doing this you will slowly begin to build your expertise. To put together an eBook you have to do all the research and compile all the materials, which in itself will establish yourself. If you have gone through the trouble of putting together an eBook that will solve people’s answers then in my opinion, you are of value. Whatever topic you are writing on, you are an expert.

It enables you to quickly become known for that particular subject, and it raises your status to an expertise status, and allows you to really leverage that in your business.

The more eBooks and other services you create full of high quality content, the more you will start to be recognized and the more customers will want to purchase from you.

eBooks are an excellent gateway to more business.

eBooks should be incorporated into your marketing funnel, I hope this article has helped you see why this is true.

By exploring your creativity ideas will come to you when you need them the most!

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