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by M Romeo

When you create an article to promote your website, one of the first places you should look at is article directories. The website repositories house thousands of articles for free. And in exchange the author is allowed to promote their website at the bottom of the article, where any interested reader can visit for more information.

Whether you’re an expert or just getting started in your business, promoting your articles in article directories gives you the chance to position yourself as an expert to potential interested customers. Article Directories are great for getting exposure to your articles, and ultimately your website.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a writer, you can always hire a freelance writer to generate articles for your website promotion. The costs can range from $3 to 30 depending on the service you use, the quality and the length. And while that may seem expensive up front, the article should bring in more business, increase sales, and create profit, and more than pay for itself.

For example if you were a tax preparer working for home and created a series of articles about tax planning and tax preparation. If you placed your articles across multiple article directories. Potential clients looking for information on the subject that you wrote your article on, will quickly see that you have the experience and knowledge to handle the job. Many will visit your website and try to contact you by phone or email. This one little article provided access to a new client you might not otherwise have gotten.

A secondary avenue that you might not think about is other website owners who use the article directories to get content for their website. There are probably hundreds of website owners who might take a look at your article, and find it relevant to their website and incorporate it into their website. Because they must keep the entire article including the author’s byline which has a link to your website now you have a secondary avenue of traffic that can come from other people’s websites and traffic.

Even better than other website owners is the blog world. There are tons of blog authors out looking for interesting, relevant content to post on their sites. You’ll find that your article can get picked up by multiple blogs, and the increasing traffic you get, especially from very high traffic blogs can be astronomical.

Don’t just submit your article to one directory. Try to submit to dozens or hundreds, as each article directory is another potential source for traffic/customers/client. You will find that the more instances of your articles are out there, the more potential profit you can uncover.

While Article Markeitng may seem like hard work, it should pay off sooner rather than later. It can really help to increase the number of clients/customers you should get in no time at all.

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