Yvonne chihak: 5 Points Why 5linx (5links) Is NOT For you

by Yvonne Chihak

The 5linx (5links) home business opportunity is located in Rochester, NY. It is a legitimate business with telecommunications products ranging from VOIP, to Cells phones, to TV, to home alarms and more. However, this company may not be the right vehicle for you for the following reasons:

1. The person who gets you in the business: The person who sponsors you in 5linx (5links) plays a major role in your success or failure. Granted, they can’t do your work for you, but the marketing system they plug you into is vital. So you need to see if you want to grow your business using the net or using cold calling or hotel meetings. Or even if you like to use both methods. Instead of just going with the person who introduced you, find someone who can lead you to success with the right tools. The writer of this piece uses the internet to grow their 5linx (5links) business.

2. What does it cost? To own a 5linx (5links) business, you would need an investment of $499 one time and a monthly cost of $49.99. Because times are challenging for some people, this may seem costly. There are opportunities where you pay more and others less. So, if this investment is to high for you, you should pass on 5linx (5links) as a home business for you.

3. Products: 5linx (5links) offers products like VOIP, WIFI, cells, home alarms, TV and so on. These may appeal to those who like telecommunications products and to those who can look past services to see the money potential. However, fans of nutrition and other products may not give 5linx (5links) a second glance.

4. How’s your work ethic? People with a poor work ethic are just not going to make it in 5linx (5links). It’s a home business and no one looking over your shoulder to see if you got your task done. A lot of people are too lazy to take consistent action to hit their goals. If you’re the type who wants a boss buzzing around and following up on you, then “5linx” (5links) is not the right vehicle for you.

5. Must love people: It’s hard to succeed in 5linx (5links) if you’re not a people person and don’t plan to be. In this company your success is based on building a team of entrepreneurs whom you work with and help to meet the compensation plan criteria. How can you do this if you’re not a people person? You have to talk to people and help train them when they join your team. So, you can see, that 5linx (5links) is not for you if you don’t intend to become a people person.

The above reasons tell why 5linx (5links) may not be for you, but they’re some of the same reasons why some people choose to use “5linx” as their means to financial success.

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