Excellence and Innovation of Ibanez Acoustic Guitars

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The Ibanez was one of the first Japanese musical instruments to have a strong foothold in the U.S. and Europe. Their climb to the top began in 1957 with their good copies of the best acoustic guitars of the era. By 1970, Ibanez acoustic guitars were mostly copies of American brands, but of excellent quality at low prices.

Ibanez’s rise to the top

In 1976, Ibanez moved out of the copy business and its own designs began to appear with models such as Iceman and Roadstar. When the rock music era came rolling in the late 1980s, Hoshino collaborated with Frank Zappa’s former guitarist Steve Vai, releasing a Steve Vai signature model spurring the turnaround in the then sagging fortunes of Ibanez. This led to collaborations with other great names such as Joe Satriani and Paul Gilbert, further cementing their place at the top of the market.

The very first Ibanez acoustic guitar signature model came out in 2004 and Euphoria 7 was added to the roster of Steve Vai signature series. The upgrade, Euphoria 9, was released recently and on board is the Fishman Aura System, an evolution in amplified acoustic guitar playing, to give the guitarist more tonal versatility and getting the same quality whether at open mics or at recording sessions.

Standing out in today’s challenges

As with their signature models, Ibanez acoustic guitars have always strived for perfection. Ibanez was known to never compromise quality and had kept pushing to make the brand stand out in the market with innovations to give the discriminating guitarist a huge selection.

The Ibanez acoustic guitar of today has risen to the challenges of addressing several responsibilities. Ibanez acoustic guitars have moved out of the traditional mold, developing to also have full capabilities to be played at open mics and full-band clubs. Onboard effects, tuners, and controls have become the standard in Ibanez acoustic guitars, ushering the evolution of amplified acoustic guitars.

Always the revolutionary

This continuous growth to be at the forefront of innovation has marked several of Ibanez acoustic guitar releases. The new Artwood series features new Fast Action Set-up Technology to make neck adjustments easier and the Flying Top construction to provide greater resonance and projection. Also, the Exotic Wood series now comes with nylon strings and B-Band electronics, making it more comfortable and convenient to play.

Ibanez acoustic electric guitar took innovation to new heights with their recently released Montage, a dual acoustic/electric guitar offering five sound options from sparkling acoustics to clean electrics and snarling distortions – all in one Ibanez acoustic electric guitar. The Montage is a revolutionary design with innovative electronics making it the most versatile Ibanez acoustic guitar to date.

Ibanez has had a long history of excellence that started with the Spanish Salvador Ibanez and continuously fueled with their attention to detail, consistent innovation, and wider tonal versatility; this in addition to producing great sounds at affordable prices. The Ibanez acoustic guitar, once a copycat, is now keeping the competitions at their toes.

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