Free Zune Downloads: What You Should Look Out For

by Rashel Dan

The first thing that a person does when getting a Zune player is start searching for free Zune downloads. There really is nothing wrong with getting something for free; after all, if content can be had for free, then there is no real reason for paying for good content to begin with. But there are a few things that people should keep in mind especially when it comes to free downloads. Understanding these factors will improve the way one searches for all the free content that is available for the Zune.

What Free Downloads Are Good For

You might be wondering why there is free content in the first place. Free content is something that can be advantageous especially for media companies. For example, if a movie company wants to advertise a new release that they are about to put into theaters, the best thing to do is put out a trailer.

Movie Trailers – Many movie trailers are free to download these days and it’s just as good as the word of mouth process. A Zune owner can download this content and know exactly what the new movie is all about, therefore deciding whether or not the movie is worth purchasing a ticket for. The point is that the movie company who releases that trailer has reached their intended market.

Indie Musicians – Another area where free Zune downloads can be of help is to the music community. There are many independent musicians who would like to have their music heard by the masses first and this is a great avenue for them to showcase their talents. By allowing people to download their Zune-friendly material off of sites that offer free content, these musicians are giving themselves an opportunity to be heard by a wide and international audience.

Download Safety

File safety is one of the major consideration when downloading free files. Many free downloads have been known to be infected with viruses or contain spyware that may attach themselves to peoples computer systems. The best way to get around this is to look for sites that are legitimate even though downloads are free.

Membership Sites – Look for sites that require you to be registered before allowing you to download their material. Also, one should equip a computer with antivirus software to make sure that downloaded files are not infected.

Is It Legal?

Piracy is another major issue for free downloads. This is something that Zune users should also be responsible about. Many music and movie files are copyrighted by law so if you stumble upon a download that is free but is obviously pirated, then you should think twice before downloading it. Otherwise, there are some independent groups who do allow the sharing of their original content, such as independent film makers and musicians.

User Discretion – There is no real safeguard against pirated material and even though there are warnings against this kind of material, it still exists online. Again, it is really up to the user to determine whether it is legal or illegal to use free Zune downloads.

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