How Blues Jam Tracks Will Transform Your Guitar Playing

by Zack Roberts

Have you ever considered the fact that rehearsing your blues guitar skills calls for playing with a real professional band? Especially before you can progress to the next level of your playing.

Truth be told, not every guitarist has the luxury of professional band lying around that they can call up and say, “OK, I’m ready to practice now.” Does anybody? Even professional practices must be planned and arranged and usually is only once a week. So, how on earth are you suppose to get prepped forthe real world?

Several better-known guitar player will tell you that the most advisable way to learn, is to practice, practice, practice! That’s why you should try looking into purchasing blues backing tracks. Often times you will find that the blues jam tracks you’ll run into are made of digital instruments that aren’t authentic and it sounds like a miserable video game from the 1970s! Ensure that you do your preparation and select the right CD to practise along with. It should have real blues instruments along with a real professional band.

You also want it to have a extended variety of tempos and styles. You will want it to have a shuffle, a fast blues, a slow blues, etc. and it is important that the participants on the CD are in tune and stay in time (tempo). I know that seems pretty basic but you’d be amazed how many people will put up with shoddy midi blues jam tracks that they try to download…and it comes out terrible! Spare yourself the worry and get professional blues backing tracks from 50Blues

All I know is that ever since I set out playing along with blues jam tracks I have improved my guitar playing significantly. Having the power to control a professional blues band with the click of a mouse and a play button was unbelievable. It makes it much easier to improvise and create new licks and riff. I would recommend this method of learning to every blues guitarist or musician out there.

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