Karaoke Singing And Michael Jordan – What They Have In Common

by Samuel Coleman

It is really popular for someone to think that they weren’t meant to be a singer – they just “weren’t born with it.” There is a central group of individuals to blame for this myth: the uneducated.

For somebody to say “singing is something you have to be born with” is like saying “netball skills are something you have to be born with.” Tell Pele that it is something you have to be born with. You all know the story. Michael Jordan got CUT from his high school basketball game team.

He didn’t take that very well so he began rehearsing all day every single day. Then he made the team. Then he gained a place on one of the most prestigious college basketball game teams in the nation. Then he was draughted to the NBA and went down in history as one of the best to ever play the game. Basketball attainments aren’t something you have to be born with, and neither are singing skills.

Anybody can learn how to sing.

There is something else to blame: the popular culture’s hit TV show “American Idol.” The show is DESIGNED for entertainment, it is a BUSINESS. How do they get money? They sell all of the new singers to America as a kind of entertainment. Also understand that those vocalists are specifically picked out as they are the worst case scenarios of singers who don’t know how to apply their voice and have no command over pitch. That can be transformed.

Back to the ignorant. People who don’t recognize anything about singing will articulate that all of those inferior American Idol auditioners are tone deaf. If you reckon they are all tone deaf then I am thankful you are reading this. They aren’t tone deaf. They just don’t know how to apply their voice. Tone deafness is actually very rare. The actual trouble is a lack of vocal cognition. I was in the similar spot as those “tone deaf singers.” Anybody who saw me sing would right away point the finger and label me as “tone deaf.” I am NOT tone deaf. When I met Perry, he took me through some pitch rating exercises and it was clear that I am not tone deaf at all – I just didn’t know how to use my voice. I could hear the melodic line and pitches dead clear IN MY HEAD, but as soon as I tried to render it into vocals, I didn’t know HOW to do it – therefore it SEEMED as if I was tone deaf.

In future you hear a singer that you would tag as “tone deaf,” think again. They probably just don’t know how to use their voice.

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