Legal iPod Music Downloads – 3 Sources

by Davion W

Legal iPod music downloads are quite sought after. How do I know? Everyday, many people are looking up terms like “legal iPod music downloads” at Google, trying to find places where they can get these for somewhat lesser than what they are paying at the iTunes website. Mind you, paying $0.99 per song is cheap on its own but if you want to load your 80GB device, it is no joke!

There are basically mainly 3 sources where one can find legal iPod music downloads.

1. Mainstream Music Stores

Mainstream music stores like EMusic, Amazon, Napster and Walmart Music can supply your iPod music needs. The only trouble is that they are priced almost the same as iTunes, that is about a dollar per song download. But the advantage is that occasionally, they do offer special deals at cheaper prices.

2. Free Download Site

Free download sites such as personal blogs, torrents, and even freeshare music sources are great places for legal iPod music downloads. A lot of homemade music or songs composed by artist wannabes can be found there. They are free to download and share. Essentially, it is a platform for them to be discovered, or rather for people to discover their music. Just be extra careful when you use their services there.

3. Membership Services

These are quite popular these days. For a flat fee, one can sign up as a member and get unlimited access to the legal iPod music downloads there. You will be able to download more than just songs there. From music videos, soundtracks to movies and TV shows, you can practically find them there. They normally offer a term membership meaning to say it is one-year, two-year or even lifetime term membership. Frankly, most users go for the lifetime option since it offers the best value for money.

Now, you are better equipped than most folks in terms of your knowledge. Are you ready to get your unlimited constant supply of legal iPod music downloads without breaking the bank?

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