Make the Honeymoon Special with Music

by John Bakers

Unmatchable honeymoon music is not the kind of thing that you can simply go buy at the store. Instead, it is a conglomerate of shared memories, bold statements, nifty little hints, and perhaps also providing a bit more of an intimate setting than anything store bought could possibly be offering. Music has been called the language of the heart and soul not because of its cerebral communication value but because in so many ways it appeals directly to the heart and soul as well as the emotions.

Thus the right kind of music is just as vital to setting that romantic honeymoon mood as the expensive bottle of real Champagne and the beeswax candles and See’s Chocolates. Rose petals, bubble bath, and vanilla scents round out the ambiance and it is not a coincidence that many wedding planners specialize in giving very specific honeymoon decoration tips to their clients.

The goal of the entire setting is to set yourself and your spouse at ease and permit for the conversation and physical contact to flow naturally and without seeming odd or forced. In the same vein, it is vital that the ambiance – even as it relies on these little mood makers – does not overpower the emotion which is bound to connect you and your spouse on a deeper level now that you are man and wife.

Many a honeymooner will take to creating and assembling their own special music which will become a much cherished memory for years to come. Consider the special songs that mean a lot to your and yours spouse; the artists you both enjoy. This is a great time to include some songs that you have heard as you attended concerts together, the one playing when you became engaged or just to also use songs which speak of the eternity of love and the depth of emotion.

You could also decide to use your music for the evening to tell a story of your feelings for your spouse; let it talk about the first time you met, the time that you decided to go steady, the happiness that the proposal of marriage brought, leading up to the walk to the altar. It is ok for this music collection to be a bit sappy and emotional and to also come from the heart. Sure, it might make you feel very vulnerable, but if you cannot share this kind of feeling with your spouse, then with whom can you?

If you play an instrument, this is a great time to put that skill on show by recording your serenades to your new spouse. Singing is optional and while many have a beautiful voice it might be wiser to leave this one alone, just in case it does not come across as well on tape or CD. Round our your collection with songs that speak of the future you two will have and you may even include some funny songs that speak of future children and times spent with in-laws.

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