Music Industry : Let’s Change The Rules !

At the beginning of 2000’s, the music business, in particular the communities of hiphop and rnb, resulted in the rise of what we now call the “super music producers”, accounting for frontrunners: Dr. Dre, Timbaland, Rodney Jerkins or even The Neptunes.

What is meant by a “super producer”? So, the most reliable interpretation of their distinction with a “simple” producer would take the demonstration of what we call a “supermodel” in fashion, for instance Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer or Naomi Campbell. You know these prominent fashion models as well as anybody else and you can see them on almost all the catwalks. To be brief: safe values.

This was the same in the music sector: there were “big” producers, safe values, that led many the projects and were asked by the most famous singers and also rappers. This was really less hazardous for records company to use a greatly admired music producer as opposed to a novice. The widely known producer furnished a large number of triumphant singles, in theory. For the reason that back then regularly big producers sold cd.

But, the music business, after the beginning of the decade has changed. To begin with, consumers don’t really pay for cd now.

Then the record labels offer substantially less money for a project. And clearly, record labels will not be wishing to put in between $ 100 000 to $ 300 000 for one single beat, as was the case in the time of the golden period of music producers. The discs do not sell and world wide web starts to develop. To deal with illegitimate downloading of their artists, record companies develop or join with statutory download websites and want to push their presence on this cyberspace scene, which has been getting out their control for so long.

But the rise up of the web in addition has permitted the ascent of many of unknown producers as good as, if not superior to, “Super Producers”.

Those producers have targeted on the developments of the Web, that has assisted these to sell their beats online. Giving them to connect and also work with singers or rappers on any local scale as well as a worldwide one. A producer from New york city will now be able to sell beats to any one in Japan. It is certainly now easier for them to gain a really good repute to get a career. For the artists, this makes a great difference! They are able to buy beats online inside their home for their album, EP and also mixtape for reasonable prices; not at all those applied by the “super producers”.

Record companies pay a specific attention to this new business. They buy beats online as well. And right now we can easily see that a few internet producers are getting hired by majors.

The golden age of super producers like the age of super model disappears little by little, revealing way to this modern business directed by producers who, often, do not have anything to envy to the “super producers”.

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