The earphones of Dr Dolittle

I live in front of a zoo. It’s a great and funny experience. Because, you know, when you live in front of a zoo, you never feel alone. There is often some live being in front of you. There’s often something going on.

Often the animals are just sleeping. Other times, they’re happy, and have a party. Other times they are crazy at one another. And opt to have a fight.

You never lose interest

I sort of know every one of them by their names. When I hear them I know who it is, and I do envision them taking positive steps. It is so funny!

Now, at some particular point, a new driveway was opened passing by the zoo. Suddenly it all became really loud, and the animals got really frightened.

I couldn’t even even recognize them any more. They were always fighting each other all day long, and even at night. What a bad dream.

It became so bad, that I couldn’t even sleep anymore at night. I had to do something!

That is when I got an idea. Music!

I went to a nearby store, and acquired 2 headphones for each one of those animal friends I had. You know, one of the best iPhone headphones that are available. Naturally, not just a pair of headphones, but also an iPod.

And then I went to the zoo, and put the headphones I purchased right on the animals heads.

And.I was right. It was like jumping from night to day. My animal pals truly liked the music. And they stopped being frightened right away.

I had to communicate with the director of the zoo, so that he would let the animals enjoy some music during the day. And that was enough. Every one of the zoo animals was so very much more quiet and ecstatic!

And even with the noise of the traffic that was around the animals stayed quiet and cheerful.

Talk of the power of music!

I felt a bit like being Dr. Dolittle. You know Dr Dolittle was a physician that could talk to creatures, and by doing this he was able to get to know their problems, and eventually cure them.

I was doing something similar here. Music is a language, it’s no secret. Using the language of music, I was able to communicate with the animals, and fix a problem they had. They’re happier now and live a better life.

What sort of music did they prefer?

Mozart of course. The Mozart classical music made all the animals so quiet, that they seemed like they were dancing all the time. It was even funnier than normal. To see all of these animals move around, provoked by the sweet tunes of Mozart.

You could see the various feelings that the animals, impressed, were feeling. A few felt brave. Some were even feeling inspired.

And here is the setup

What sort of headphones could I use? For sure not a normal set of earphones. It’s really unmanageable to have some wild being wear a couple of headphones already. And if they’re to dangle from the ears, then it’s close to impossible.

What I did was to get nice pair of Motorola S9. They are in-ear, but they are built with a neckband, that allows the earpieces to stay in place.

The earphones needed to be wireless, or the animal wouldn’t be able to move around. The Motorola S9 do offer Bluetooth wireless, so I could easy set them up, and connect with the iPod.

All in all, I set up this nice and easy audio system where the creatures could roam around and listen to music from the iPod that was sitting on the side of the cage.

Mark Sounding is a busy 1 with a tick for his Apple iPhone. He maintains a site called iPhone Headphones Review, where he posted articles like his Klipsch S4i review and his Shure SE535 review.

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