Top Tips For First Time Boat Charter

by iBiza Joe

There’s no better way to make a holiday special than a boat charter. If it goes well it can be a magical day out but it also can be a disaster so here’s some basic tips to help make your day at sea fantastic.

“Bareboat” mean that there’s no crew so if you have chartered bareboat and you can’t sail you aint going anywhere. Not unless you qualify and get the necessary papers yourself. Always check the boat comes with a skipper and crew. The charter company can usually organise you one if it doesn’t. In some countries legally they may not be able to supply you with one.

If you have a power boat then you need to know you will normally be charged a fuel surcharge. In the current climate this will be a considerable amount even for day charter.

Take plenty of sun lotion the power of the sun is deceiving at sea and it’s effects are not always noticed until you are back on dry land. The other side to that coin is that you can tan three times the speed at sea.

Snorkel and goggles are a must if you are going to moor up and take a dip in the sea. They’re great for spotting jelly fish before it’s too late [a problem in the Med] or sharks [in other seas]

When the weather is bad you will be required to wear a life jacket, especially if you can’t swim. It’s advisable for children to wear them all the times. Some boats will not be suitable for really young children. Always take the skippers advice and listen to his safety speech at the start of the journey.

It’s a nice idea to tip the skipper and if you’re going ashore for a meal ask him along you might get some good sea tales out of him. It’s normal practice to tip the skipper at the end of the trip.

That’s all you need to know for now have fun and if it all goes well you should have a smashing day!

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